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Media Coverage: Youngstown TV 21 


Ohio State Chiropractic Association Opioid Task Force members from District 14 have been extremely active in utilizing Foundation materials to educate their community regarding chiropractic care as a safer, first-line approach to health care as opposed to opioids.


In addition, Ohio State Chiropractic Association Opioid Task Force District 14 members extended the impact of these materials by reaching out to other state districts, including the Youngstown Chiropractic District. The District 14 representatives attended the Youngstown Chiropractic District monthly meeting to share their opioid response project and to emphasize their veterans' right to seek chiropractic treatment campaign, which reaches both patients and veterans who are injured on the job.


Dr. Aaron McMichael, member of the Ohio Chiropractic State Association District 14, says, “We've found when meeting with veterans at local events that over 90 percent of them had no idea they could receive chiropractic care through their VA coverage. With vets and military dying from drug overdoses at twice the rate of the public, they need to know they can access treatment from a local DC and it will be covered once authorized by the VA.”


Youngstown TV 21 filmed the event and their program made the 11 o'clock news.



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