March | 2018
The F4CP attended Parker Seminars in Las Vegas and showcased its new marketing and membership resources.

Congratulations to our four raffle winners who received an F4CP Champions of Chiropractic poster signed by Rich Froning, Jr., a Stability Disc and a Safer Pain Relief Kit, courtesy of Performance Health and a Rocktape® RockBlades® Mohawk, provided by ScripHessco.
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Two Ohio Chiropractors Facilitate Chiropractic Education in Local Hospitals 
In early 2017, two chiropractors from Canton, Ohio, Drs. Aaron McMichael and Judson Sprandel, began working at the local level to encourage the public to seek chiropractic and non-drug care as a first-line option for pain management prior to utilization of opioid prescription drugs.

Utilizing Foundation for Chiropractic Progress resources, Drs. McMichael and Sprandel were working as part of their county’s opiate task force and meeting with local health agencies, addiction groups, hospitals, politicians, and media, while encouraging other doctors of chiropractic to do the same. Youngstown, Ohio doctors quickly jumped in and began emphasizing the dangers associated with the misuse and abuse of prescription opioids for pain.

Toward the end of 2017, the doctors’ efforts received notable recognition when F4CP Group Member, Ohio State Chiropractic Association (OSCA), approved an Opioid Task Force to not only continue their actions, but also to share their tools and what they have learned statewide.

Two initial priorities of the OSCA Opioid Task Force have been providing doctors of chiropractic tips and tools to engage hospitals and the media in their community. First, the Opioid Task Force provided doctors with a webinar and materials to help them become chiropractic experts on the opioid epidemic. Next, the doctors were then provided with the steps and tools to take action in their local community.

A doctor in Northwest Ohio connected with her local hospital CEO and as a result of the very positive meeting, the hospital requested a brochure that could be given to hospital patients to educate them on chiropractic and how to find a local doctor of chiropractic. To find a list of local DC’s, visit

Drs. McMichael and Sprandel reached out to the Foundation for their help in developing a brochure about chiropractic care as a safe, effective and drug-free alternative to prescription opioids. View the brochure here.

The hospital in Northwestern Ohio reviewed the brochure, approved it and also included an insert with contact information for patients to find local doctors of chiropractic. This resource is now distributed to the hospital’s pain patients.

Moving forward, Drs. McMichael and Sprandel plan to offer the brochure to additional hospitals in their area, while encouraging doctors of chiropractic statewide to do the same.

In a joint announcement, Drs. McMichael and Sprandel state: “We always emphasize that doctors should educate themselves on the opioid epidemic and recommend joining their community opioid group before taking action. Community opioid groups provide a place to network and connect to the medical community. Doctors will quickly see that 90 percent of the focus is on addiction treatment, not prevention, and these groups appreciate that we bring a prevention solution to the table. There is now so much support for chiropractic and other non-drug treatments that chiropractors can provide. This is the perfect time to reach out and develop new relationships with other providers and groups.

The medical community needs better answers to stop the opioid epidemic, and they need our help. As of January 1st, 2018, hospitals are mandated to provide education on and access to non-drug pain treatments as an alternative to opioids. This brochure allows hospitals to do just that with information on chiropractic and how to find a local doctor of chiropractic. This is a great first step for the chiropractic community to develop better relationships with local hospitals and medical clinics that can grow with time.”
Dr. Bruce Hansbrough Discusses Value of Chiropractic in Detox and Addiction Treatment Centers
The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress had the opportunity to talk with Bruce Hansbrough, DC, regarding his role as a doctor of chiropractic in the detox and addiction space.

Although contracted, Dr. Bruce Hansbrough is considered a staff member at two detox and recovery centers in Florida.

Before securing these positions, Dr. Hansbrough underwent a two-year diplomate program to receive specialized training in addiction medicine at the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders in Miami, FL. His education helped him to better understand:

-  The science of addiction and how the mental health industry deals with it
-  The duties of a mental health counselor
-  How medical staff within this space operates
-  The inner-workings of pharmacology
-  Medications and illegal drugs

Under his direction, individuals in detox/recovery can receive massage therapy and other various non-traditional medical services as part of their treatment process.
When talking to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, Dr. Hansbrough emphasized the importance in communicating alternative care options to patients to better help them deal with the physical and emotional trauma that the vast majority of those in recovery are undergoing and recommended that integrating conservative care, such as chiropractic, as an established protocol for addiction and mental health should be common practice.

“I haven’t taken count, but probably at least half of the patients I care for expressed that they could not go to the next level of recovery without this type of care, especially when they are in the detox environment.” – Dr. Hansbrough
As the Foundation begins to prep for “Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month” in September, we look forward to talking further with Dr. Hansbrough about the risks associated with the misuse and abuse of opioids and the valuable role of doctors of chiropractic in detox and addiction treatment centers.
“Absolutely. The marketplace is changing, and shifts are necessary - high value services, such as chiropractic will be essential for healthcare institutions to survive the new reimbursement models, and there is interest in many institutions. Different institutions will make the shift on their own time tables. Some will be prepared and thrive, others will prolong the inevitable and likely suffer the consequences.”
Dr. Sherry McAllister Attends PAINS Project Meeting on Chronic Pain – Report Enclosed
Sherry McAllister, DC, executive vice president, Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, was invited to Washington, DC by the Pain Action Alliance to Implement a National Strategy (PAINS) Project to participate in a meeting, “No Longer Silent.” 
This initiative was designed to bring those who live in chronic pain and those who treat individuals in chronic pain together to brainstorm ways to better understand chronic pain so that it can be appropriately recognized and managed among patients, medical groups, policy makers, and the media.
To conclude the meeting, the attendees agreed that:

- There is an urgent need to change the cultural perceptions about people who live with chronic pain—that chronic pain is a medical disease, not a social disease. 

- There is an urgent need for education of physicians, patients and the public about the proper use of pain medication and that opioids are an essential part of the treatment plan for many patients suffering from chronic pain. 

There is a need for the development of evidence-based data on the effectiveness of other non-pharmacological treatments for chronic pain. 

- There is a need for appropriate reimbursement for the costs of treating chronic pain

In January 2018, the PAINS Project published a new report, “Chronic Pain Patients: Collateral Damage in the War on Opioids,” which has been shared with more than a thousand reporters, editors, bloggers, and journalists across in the U.S.
According to Myra Christopher, director, PAINS Project, states:
“Above all, access to comprehensive, safe and effective care for the millions of Americans who struggle with chronic pain is a priority. While some patients may require pharmacological care for pain management, I strongly encourage drug-free, conservative care – such as chiropractic – as a front-line option. For many chronic pain patients, in particular those suffering with lower back pain, chiropractic care is proven to yield improved clinical outcomes, reduced costs and improve patient satisfaction. Reshaping the public narrative about chronic pain, those who live with it and those who care for them is critically important to the millions of Americans who struggle with this disease.”

To download the report, click here.
The Joint Chiropractic Joins F4CP as a Silver Corporate Sponsor
This month, the Foundation welcomes The Joint Chiropractic as its newest Silver Corporate Sponsor. 
Dedicated to providing patients with convenient, affordable access to chiropractic care, The Joint Chiropractic’s network of more than 400 chiropractic clinics performs over four million spinal adjustments annually.

The Joint Chiropractic’s mission supports the Foundation’s passion to advance the chiropractic profession through increased education and awareness of the benefits of chiropractic care.

As an esteemed Silver Corporate Sponsor, The Joint Chiropractic is included within a premier class of support which allows the Foundation to carry out nationwide campaigns to build awareness and help educate the public about a first-line, cost effective, safe approach to health. 

We are grateful for the support from The Joint Chiropractic to help promote positive press for the profession!
Doctor Spotlight of the Month: Dr. Carol Le Blanc
This month, the Foundation would like to recognize Carol Le Blanc, DC, for her continued support as a member of the F4CP. 
A life-long believer in the importance of health and well-being, Dr. Le Blanc began her professional career as a Physical Education and Dance Teacher in Burbank, CA. 

In 1982, Dr. Le Blanc enrolled as a student of chiropractic and graduated with her doctorate of chiropractic in 1985 from Cleveland Chiropractic College - Los Angeles.

Upon graduating, Dr. Le Blanc began practicing and within ten years later chose to open her own cash practice – which she has been operating ever since in different locations throughout Orange County, CA. 

Recognized previously as both “Doctor of the Year” and “Woman Chiropractor of the Year,” we are proud to have the support of such a well-rounded and dedicated individual. 

It is because of members like Dr. Le Blanc that the F4CP can continue to create and distribute marketing resources at the national level to better educate the public about the benefits of chiropractic care and its role in achieving and maintaining good health and well-being. 

Thank you, Dr. Le Blanc! 
Contributor Spotlight of the Month: Foot Levelers, Inc.
This month, the Foundation spotlights Foot Levelers for its longtime support of the positive press campaign.

As a top-tier contributor to the Foundation, the campaign has been able to thrive and distribute a database of promotional marketing resources including press releases, national advertisements, TV and radio public service announcements, social media programs and more, to catapult the chiropractic profession into the forefront of the public eye.
Additionally, with the ongoing support of Foot Levelers, the Foundation has been granted the opportunity to attend national corporate events and network with leaders in the profession to come together and fulfill the campaign’s mission: positive press for chiropractic.
The Foundation is extremely grateful for the dedication to the profession shown by Foot Levelers, and it is because of our top-tier sponsors, like Foot Levelers, that we are able to reach the masses with the message that chiropractic is a safe, effective and drug-free option to manage pain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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The continued growth of the Foundation is dependent upon more doctors, vendors and students getting involved. All of the monthly contributors can be found at the website. Encourage your list of contacts to join you in support of the profession's successful positive press campaign. Forward this newsletter to them. This campaign is making a difference by informing patients everywhere about the benefits of chiropractic care!! 

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