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Good Morning Texas Interviews Dr. Bill Morgan
Good Morning Texas aired a TV segment featuring Parker University President Bill Morgan, DC, showcasing the safe, effective, drug-free chiropractic approach as a first-line option to manage pain prior to utilization of prescription opioids.
When asked if there were other approaches to manage pain aside from prescription opioids, Dr. Bill Morgan referenced The Lancet’s three-part series on back pain which calls for non-drug approaches, including spinal manipulation, as an initial option to manage and alleviate pain.
Dr. Morgan went on to communicate that chiropractic is not a modality, but a profession. The chiropractic adjustment, or spinal manipulation, along with exercise and healthy lifestyle changes, is capable of restoring normal mechanical and neurological function to the spine.
Also covered was the safety of chiropractic to which Dr. Morgan emphasized that with any treatment option comes some form of risk – even pursuing no treatment has risk involved. He noted that chiropractic care is documented as safe, especially when you compare it to surgery, epidural spinal injections, prescription opioids, etc.
The Foundation commends Dr. Morgan for raising positive awareness in Texas regarding the value of chiropractic care and encourages others in the profession to take a stand and follow in his footsteps.
Watch the segment here.
A Big Win for the State of Ohio
The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress actively works directly with its Group Member State Associations to position chiropractic as a first-line, safe, cost effective approach to manage pain, as well as general health and wellness, at the grassroots level.
The Ohio State Chiropractic Association (OSCA) and its members, have been extremely proactive in securing positive media coverage communicating the value of chiropractic, as well as partnering with hospitals in Ohio to provide patients in pain with educational brochures created by the Foundation about the non-pharmacological chiropractic approach.
Paralleling this effort to educate Ohio residents about the dangers associated with prescription opioids and other drugs is Kevin Lorson, Professor and Director of Wright State University’s Health and Physical Education Licensure Program. Lorson received a grant from the Ohio Department of Higher Education, which enabled him to establish the Health and Opioid Prevention Education (HOPE) curriculum.
Designed to meet the requirements of House Bill 367, the HOPE curriculum serves grades K-12 and encompasses a statewide team of health educators, administrators and higher education faculty. A series of lessons, assessments and learning materials have been created to supplement part of a larger substance abuse prevention unit within a school’s health education curriculum to further develop students’ functional knowledge, attitudes and necessary skills to prevent drug abuse.
The objective of this curriculum is not only to encourage students to make healthy choices, but ultimately to prevent students from misusing and abusing opioids and other drugs through increased education and developing the skills to make healthy choices.
“The HOPE Curriculum encourages open conversation among parents, educators, community figures and children and serves as a key component to teaching our youth the skills to make healthy choices. With increased education regarding the dangers associated with misuse and abuse of opioids and other drugs, we hope to prevent individuals from experiencing addiction, overdose and unfortunate fatalities.”
– Kevin Lorson
In the future, HOPE Curriculum plans to develop a specific course tailored to parents/guardians focused on educating on the dangers of opioids, as well as supports for educators and students experiencing the impact of the opioid crisis at home and in the community.
For additional information about the HOPE curriculum, please read a recent article published in The Washington Post here.  
The Foundation is proud to showcase the HOPE curriculum and will be putting together a grassroots video showcasing the amazing work of Kevin Lorson and his program’s ability to touch lives through increased education and awareness.
New Hampshire Chiropractic Association Meets with Governor Amid Opioid Crisis
Foundation Group Member, New Hampshire Chiropractic Association, has made great progress in regard to the nationwide opioid epidemic in their State. 
Over the past several years, the NHCA has focused on trying to resolve unfair co-payments, particularly the popular trend of classifying doctors of chiropractic as "specialists," and subsequently subjecting patients to co-payments that significantly exceed an office visit fee. 

The NHCA has been to the legislature on three separate occasions over the past 10+ years with little to no avail. In 2014, the NHCA did so in conjunction with the Physical Therapists, and still there was a sense on the part of the legislature that lower co-pays would lead to increased utilization and greater costs overall. The opioid crisis had not garnered the attention that it has now at that time. As NHCA began to emphasize chiropractic as a safe, effective and drug-free approach to manage pain prior to the utilization of prescription opioids, they started meeting with the Governor's Advisors on Addiction and Behavioral Health with some regularity. While they were always willing to provide time, NHCA still didn't seem to make much headway, partly in response to personnel changes and the need to meet with new people. 

Last month, Dr. Mark Stagnone, president, NHCA wrote an editorial in the Union Leader,Chiropractic care should be on front line of opioid crisis,” which ultimately proved to be instrumental in NCHA’s ability to procure a meeting with Governor Chris Sununu on May 17, 2018.

NHCA, along with Representative David Lundgren, DC, and David Mara, the Governor's Primary Advisor on Addiction and Behavioral Health, focused the meeting on various studies demonstrating the benefits of chiropractic as a superior first-line approach to manage pain prior to pharmaceutically-based health care. Also discussed were some of the changes in laws and policy that other states have made in response to this crisis which prioritize the use of chiropractic care. 

NHCA was able to share the numerous ways in which patients and the residents of New Hampshire have been discouraged and discriminated against in their attempts to access chiropractic care. NHCA stated that the severity of the opioid crisis could have been potentially mitigated had chiropractic been more involved in the care of New Hampshire’s residents.

Dr. Stagnone reported that the Governor was enthusiastic, understood NHCA’s position, and encouraged the Association to pursue policy changes with the legislature.

Later this month, Dr. Stagnone will sit down with Dr. James Whedon and his team of researchers at Dartmouth College, who are working on the next phase of his utilization study of opioids and chiropractic.

*Please note: The NHCA received a copy of the BerryDunn report on May 4, 2018 from the NH Ins. Dept. Please see www.nhchiropractic.org for additional information.
Spotlight of the Month: Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC, CCCA
This month, the Foundation proudly spotlights Kathy Mills Chang, Founder of KMC University, for her long-standing commitment to the Foundation’s positive press campaign, as well as the chiropractic profession as a whole. 
Kathy’s noteworthy level of monetary support continues to allow the Foundation to produce all-new promotional marketing materials, including press releases, advertisements, infographics, brochures, flyers and more.

Additionally, Kathy has dedicated her time to coordinating the Foundation’s brand-new Pump Up Your Progress webinar series designed for Chiropractic Assistants. Kathy has put together the full webinar schedule for 2018, complete with presentation topics, titles and speakers.

And, if that isn’t enough, Kathy will be hosting her very own webinar in the series, “Make Family Care Affordable for All,” on June 20th at 1:00 pm EST. Register for the presentation here.

Thank you for all that you do for the profession, Kathy!
Contributor Spotlights of the Month: Chiropractic Economics and ScripHessco
During the month of June, the Foundation is proud to spotlight two of its dedicated Corporate Sponsors: Chiropractic Economics and ScripHessco.
Chiropractic Economics: 
From inception, Chiropractic Economics has worked alongside the Foundation to communicate key messaging to professionals in the industry. To date, Chiropractic Economics has donated over 1 million dollars of advertising to the Foundation for us in its campaigns. In addition to significant editorial coverage, Chiropractic Economics places monthly Foundation advertisements to its readership that emphasize the benefits of membership and the value of the chiropractic community working together via the #ChiroStrong campaign.
Joe Doyle, Publisher, Chiropractic Economics, is a founding Foundation Board Member, providing seasoned guidance on how to effectively communicate new marketing tools and trends to doctors of chiropractic that will help them to inspire their patients, build their practices and advance the profession.  

A prominent supporter of the chiropractic profession and positive press campaign, ScripHessco has been instrumental in helping the Foundation raise awareness about the value of chiropractic. Always willing to lend a helping hand, ScripHessco recently sponsored a Foundation raffle held at Parker Seminars and offered eligible winners a chance to win one of their generously donated Rocktape® RockBlades® Mohawk.
Additionally, ScripHessco’s Chief Executive Officer Kray Kibler is an Executive Foundation Board Member, providing strategic insight into the budget of the campaign. ScripHessco’s continued support, along with Kibler’s ability to hone in on the financial details, allows the Foundation to maximize its budget and create and develop marketing resources that benefit the profession. 

Thank you to Chiropractic Economics and ScripHessco for their long-lasting commitment to the positive press campaign and chiropractic profession!
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The continued growth of the Foundation is dependent upon more doctors, vendors and students getting involved. All of the monthly contributors can be found at the website. Encourage your list of contacts to join you in support of the profession's successful positive press campaign. Forward this newsletter to them. This campaign is making a difference by informing patients everywhere about the benefits of chiropractic care!! 

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