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The Chiropractic Association of Louisiana (CAL) published a positive article about the F4CP, highlighting its newest champion ad with professional athlete, Marques Colston. Click to read more.

Below are some of the testimonials that we've received from our members.

TestimonialsGerard Clum, D.C., Apologizes to ICA for Absence and Expresses Absolute Support of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.
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When the Jerry Rice PSA came on during this Sunday's baseball special I can't tell you how excited I was. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I have seen the video a few times. My son has seen it more because he watches sports. In addition to the Rice PSA, our district is also airing the Cheerleader PSA. Every association and CCA district should get these going on TV. Randy Jones, DC, Past President of California Chiropractic, Association Monterey Bay Society

I support the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, but had not taken advantage of any of the benefits of being a contributor directly although I believed I was benefitting from their visibility. The recent study regarding the effectiveness of chiropractic care outcomes when treating sciatic secondary to lumbar disc herniation sent out by F4CP caught my attention. I printed this article and delivered it to the MD in my building. Within 4 days, she had already referred 5 patients to my office. Thank you F4CP! Dr. Renee Harberl, DC, President - Arizona Association of Chiropractic

In Memory of Dr. Avery Jenkins - Please accept this donation in honor of Dr. Avery Jenkins for his commitment to Chiropractic Health contributor - The Forman School, Inc.

Happy to continue our state association support. Keep up the excellent work! Kathy Chittom, Executive Director
Chiropractic Association of Louisiana

Congratulations to the FCP for promoting the Chiropractic Research and Practice booklet. This is a great way to educate those within and outside of our profession of some of the research accomplishments over the past 2 decades. This booklet supports our movement into patient centered, evidence influenced care in a very practical manner. Proud to be a monthly contributor. John M Ventura, DC
Rochester Chiropractic Group, LLP clinical instructor, family medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine, assistant clinical professor, New York Chiropractic College

The high achievements by the Foundation in distributing over a billion positive messages on the value in chiropractic care all across our country in 2010 is to be commended and supported. This has never been done before and as a profession we need to make sure it continues and grows. Proud to be a monthly contributor. Dr. Michael Hall - Dallas, Texas

With Jerry Rice, the FCP has chosen the perfect person to provide credability to the significance of our profession. The fact that chiropractors work on multi-million dollar athletes on a daily basis is evidence that we are an integral part of the healthcare team in professional sports. The FCP has a winning gameplan and I am proud to be a monthly contributor and hope that all docs and students join with us in support of the mission! Dr. Spencer Baron, 2010 Sports Chiropractor of the Year (American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians), DC to Miami Dolphins and Florida Marlins Author, "Secrets of the Game"

The Chiropractic Research and Practice manuscript by Dr. Dan Redwood is just what the profession and the public needs. It is timely, written well and in a style that flows and is easy to understand. Thank you FCP for making this available for consumers and our colleagues to share with patients. Proud to be a monthly contributor. Dr. Ted Carrick, Cape Canaveral, Florida

As the current president of the Professional Football Chiropractic Society "PFCS" it was exciting to see all of the promotion that surrounded the induction of Foundation spokesperson Jerry Rice. Being a monthly contributor to the FCP is one of the best investments I can make in my profession. Dr. Sol Cogan, Detroit Lions DC

I congratulate the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress for the magnificent job it is doing in promoting our great profession. The International Chiropractors Association is proud to support the Foundation. It is also my privilege, as an individual, to support the Foundation as a monthly contributor. I encourage everyone, regardless of their affiliations to become involved and sign up as a monthly contributor. The Foundation has the right vision for the future of chiropractic, it deserves our support. Gary L. Walsemann, DC, President International Chiropractors Association

Chiropractors as providers of spinal care and lifestyle advice for both acute/chronic care and wellness - now that is something we can and should ALL get behind. Finally a truly unifying voice for an effective positive press campaign. I am proud to support real Chiropractic Progress. Dr. James L. Chestnut

It was my desire to email Brigadier General Halstead and thank her for her presentation and participation in our spring chiropractic convention in Michigan last weekend. I found her presentation to be both inspiring and enlightening at the same time. After 30 years in practice one's enthusiasm can wane somewhat and you tend to lose your vision. I must say General Halstead's talk has rekindled my fire and my vision to the level it once was when I first started my practice. I can see how we were fortunate to have her leading our young soldiers and just as fortunate that she has chosen chiropractic as her next "mission". Again I say thank you and good luck. I have committed to a monthly contribution and I will encourage the other four chiropractors in my family to do the same. Dr. Tony Purdy, Purdy Chiropractic Clinic - Warren, Michigan

"I am proud to be a monthly contributor to the F4CP and excited about their accomplishments and the potential of the campaign. Every DC and student should be supporting their efforts." Bill Morgan, D.C.

"The Congress of Chiropractic State Associations ( COCSA ) is a strong supporter of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Their mission of positive press for the profession is an opportunity that cannot be missed and I encourage all state associations and doctors, students and vendors to get behind them with monthly contributions." Jeff Fedorko DC, Past President COCSA

"This profession has long desired a public relations program. We believe that the Foundation has a clear and comprehensive plan to educate the public regarding the benefits of chiropractic care, and I am pleased to endorse this effort and join as a monthly contributor." John Maltby, DC, Past President, ICA

"The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) has a game plan which will position doctors of chiropractic to help our sick and suffering society to discover this truth. This is why I personally, financially support the F4CP. The Congress of Chiropractic State Association also supports the F4CP and urges all individuals and organizations to do the same." Stephen Simonetti, DC, Past President of COCSA

"I am supporting the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress because I believe it is the right strategy, at the right time for the profession. The combination of people, perspectives, interests and hopes embraced by the Foundation are the most promising I have seen in the last thirty years. Being a part of this effort didn't take a second thought." Gerry Clum, DC, President Emeritus, Life Chiropractic College West, Past President of World Federation of Chiropractic

"I have always believed that a sustained, positive and comprehensive public relations campaign with a single message was needed for our beloved profession to survive and thrive. Our profession is unified in understanding that we must educate the public to the miracles of chiropractic. It took almost 110 years for this to be accomplished, and I sincerely believe the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has finally developed a campaign for which everyone in the profession can and should support. Our future depends on it. I am so proud to be a member of the Board of the Foundation and a supporter as well" Bob Hoffman, DC, President of Master's Circle and Past President of the ICA

"The vision is a campaign that can be realized with the enthusiastic support of doctors, students, colleges, associations and vendors who appreciate that by combining our resources we will make a significant difference in the perception of our profession through a positive marketing effort. This campaign is long overdue and will grow in success with each person who makes the decision to shoulder the responsibility to tell the chiropractic story with an investment now and in the years to follow. In our over medicated, overweight, highly stressed and out of adjustment society there is a great need for the chiropractic message in health care. If we don't tell it - who will?" J. Michael Flynn, DC, President of World Federation of Chiropractic and Past Board Chairman of the ACA

"I support the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. I have personally contributed to the cause and do so monthly. We as a profession must be responsible for educating the public about Chiropractic. Please join me in support of this endeavor." Lewis J. Bazakos, DC, Chairman, Chiropractic Summit

"The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has the capability of bringing Chiropractic into its proper place in health care. By raising the public's awareness to the benefit and safety of the care we offer, it will only bring more patients into our offices. The campaign is the right thing at the right time, and will only be limited by the failure of the profession to get behind it. I think the Foundation can make a BIG difference. Every chiropractor and every chiropractic supplier should be a regular monthly contributor." Daryl D. Wills, DC, Past President, American Chiropractic Association

"Help support the Foundation and build on the recent positive press campaign. The Foundation Board represents a cross section of the profession with one goal: To increase the public awareness of the benefits of chiropractic. Please help us in the effort to expand on a positive image of the profession by becoming a monthly contributor. " Mark Sanna, DC, President of Breakthrough Coaching

"Getting Positive Press for Chiropractic will benefit patients in need of the care that only a doctor of chiropractic can provide. The success of the Foundation will also benefit every DC, student and vendor in the profression. Be part of this History making campaign for all the right the F4CP." Kent Greenawalt, President Foundation for Chiropractic Progress,President of Footlevelers

"It is clearly time for us to stop whispering about the "best kept secret" in healing, wellness and prevention. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, founded by Kent Greenawalt of Foot Levelers Inc., has the singular goal of increasing patient utilization of chiropractic services. I have made my personal contribution, and I encourage every doctor of chiropractic to consider funding this noble effort." Carl S. Cleveland III, DC, President of the Cleveland Chiropractic Colleges

"Chiropractic is the best kept secret in health care today. The nation is crying out for change and relief from the high monetary and human cost of our health care system. The problem is, our message isn't getting to the right people. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress will help us solve that problem." Tom Klapp, DC, Past President of COCSA, Life Chiropractic East Executive Committee

"The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is exactly what the Chiropractic profession needs. We now have a well planned and consistent message to educate the public on the value of Chiropractic care. Every Chiropractor should support this effort. Its success will impact greatly the future growth of our practices and our profession. Join us in making it happen." Fabrizio Mancini, DC, President of Parker College of Chiropractic

"The Campaign for Chiropractic will strengthen the image of the profession by providing the recognition it needs and deserves. Widespread support for this initiative is vital to the future of the chiropractic community." Charles Dubois, President, Standard Process

"The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress media campaign is both necessary and timely. I am very optimistic that its message will generate significant interest in chiropractic among prospective patients and students." Frank J. Nicchi, M.S., DC, President, New York Chiropractic College

"The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is working diligently for every doctor of chiropractic, student and every chiropractic vendor in this country. Its mission is to better educate the public about the profession. This goal will only be met through significant financial support. I will continue to donate funds monthly for this essential work. It's an investment that we all must make to ensure a better future for ourselves, our patients and the chiropractic profession." Richard G. Brassard, DC, President Texas Chiropractic College

"The word needs to get out on the very important role chiropractic plays in helping people realize their optimum health. There are so many myths and rumors that play a role in keeping people away from experiencing the benefits of what chiropractic can do for them. It is this key point that should motivate anyone that is involved in chiropractic, whether it be a doctor, a student or even a patient, to support the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress." Derek Dyer, DC, Indianapolis, Indiana

"The success of Northwestern Health Sciences University is dependent on the success of the chiropractic profession. Our ongoing contribution is an example of our commitment and belief in the program." Mark Zeigler, DC, President of Northwestern

"To see the F4CP unify different groups behind a common message revitalizes my passion for the profession as a new DC. I urge everyone who has ever complained about disunity or complained that the general public does not understand what we do as chiropractors that you have an obligation to support this campaign. I am proud to be a monthly contributor." Andrew Cohen, DC, San Francisco, California

"I am supporting the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (FCP) with a personal monthly contribution. Our profession deserves an opportunity to educate consumers about the benefits and appropriate utilization of chiropractic treatment. I hope all doctors of chiropractic will join in support of this cause." Glenn D. Manceaux, DC, Past, ACA President

"The benefits of chiropractic continue to be one of the best kept secrets in health care. We must get this information to the public. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has developed the structure and resources to get this done. I encourage all Doctors of Chiropractic to support FCP with their regular contributions just like I and my sons do." Rick A. McMichael, DC, Past President ACA

"Now is the time for all good Chiropractors to come to the aid of their profession for the benefit of the health of the American public. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is starting to make things happen. We need every DC in the USA to get on board with the monthly donations and to get the word out about who we are and what we can do. The Foundation has promised that every dollar donated by a DC or state association will go 100% to the positive press campaign. This is currently our best vehicle to educate the public on the benefits of chiropractic care. SO GO TO, make your pledge on a monthly basis. I did. You cannot wait for someone else to do it." David G. Madison, DC, FACO, Los Angeles California

"FCP provides a unique opportunity for a coordinated effort to educate and inform a national audience of consumers as well as opinion makers in business, industry, government and legislative bodies about the value and benefits of chiropractic health care. I personally support the FCP and encourage others to do the same." F. Dow Bates, DC, FACO, FICC - Des Moines, Iowa

"ACA and its members have long recognized the need for a national public awareness campaign designed to educate the public to the benefits of chiropractic care, thereby bringing more patients into chiropractic offices to experience that care first hand. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (FCP) has provided a forum for the profession to pool the necessary resources to launch a national PR and advertising campaign and has enlisted the expertise of outside public relations and marketing professionals. In order to ensure the campaign's success, the ACA urges its members and doctors of chiropractic across the country to join together in support of the FCP and contribute financially to this important effort. " ACA Board of Governors' Statement

"I support the Foundation because I believe in the direction it is moving. I think it is crucial that we educate the public on the benefits of chiropractic care and wellness. It is time that we join together as a profession and get the word out about chiropractic; not for the benefit of us, but for the benefit of society. The Foundation is making the contacts and has taken the bull by the horns and I have great respect for their efforts." Chelsea Pfeifer DC, Anchorage Alaska

"Just a note to thank you for what you are doing for our profession. I agree whole-heartedly that we need a national campaign for chiropractic, and I have complete faith that you and your team will represent our profession very well. Keep up the good work. John P. Olsen, DC Nashville, TN

"Having been in practice for over 35 years I have never seen a public relations campaign for the profession like the FCP. Ongoing positive press for chiropractic care is something we can all support, at whatever level the doctor or student is comfortable with giving on a monthly basis. Non support should not be an option." Bob Tennant DC Shirley, Indiana

"From national ads in major publications, PSA's and advetorials, Jerry Rice and retired General Becky Halstead.... to the blitz in Washington DC and the Mercer Report the Foundation is doing an incredible job of promoting our profession. I am grateful for the FCP, a monthly contributor and take every opportunity to encourage my colleagues to get behind them so chiropractic can stand strong." Carol Ann Malizia DC, Newburgh, New York

"As a retired Colonel in the Marine Corps I appreciate the importance of teamwork in accomplishing a mission. The efforts of this Foundation deserve the teamwork and commitment of every member of our profession. Their success is our success and that is why I am a monthly contributor." Semper Fi, Mark Losack DC Oceanside, CA.

"Only we can change how the public views us. We need to start by changing how we view ourselves. Put your money where your visions are" Rebecca Nystrom DC San Rafael, Ca

"The successful efforts of the FCP will bring greater attention to the many benefits of chiropractic care to patients. Thank you FCP for commisssioning the Mercer Report which is an authoratative study on the cost savings and effectiveness of chiropractic care. Proud to be a monthly contributor. Kelli Pearson DC,DABCO - Spokane, Washington

F4CP...Thank you for increasing the public awareness about the many benefits of Chiropractic care. The national ads are amazing and the posters serve as great internal marketing tools in my clinic. The Chiropractic profession needs this campaign to be ultra-successful and you can count on me both for a monthly contribution and to help get other DC's involved. Michael Perusich, DC - Sedalia, Missouri

"As the elected chair of the Student American Chiropractic Association I understand my responsibility to support my profession. I am a monthly contributor along with hundreds of other students. I encourage every doctor and student to appreciate the work the Foundation does for the Chiropractic profession and become a regular contributor! What the Foundation is accomplishing has never been done before and is exciting for doctors of today and tomorrow." Therese Finan Chiropractic Intern - CCCKC

"The Foundation is filling a great need in our profession with ongoing and consistent positive messages to the public. They are doing their part with masterful strategies and a vision to raise awareness on a grand scale. The profession has to do their part in making sure the FCP is successful beyond our imaginations." Oliver " Bud" Smith, Immediate Past FCLB president - El Paso, Tx.

I have been impressed and congratulate the Foundation For Chiropractic Progress on its positive public relations program for the profession. While many have contributed to chiropractic programs and causes over the years, the F4CP has earned the support of the profession. Its ongoing plan for sustained positive chiropractic media must continue and its success will require support from each one of us! Wayne C. Wolfson, D.C. Past President, Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards

"I have only been in practice a couple of years and proud to be a monthly contributor to the Foundation. Their ability to use significant resources in Washington DC during the health care reform debate to raise our professions profile is huge. Retired General Halstead is an excellent spokesperson. Now it's time to take responsibility to support the profession that supports you." Brandon Lemuel DC - Vienna, Va.

Both I, and my company ChiroHealthUSA contribute to the Foundation monthly. There's no shortage of people who need chiropractic, only too few people who know we can help. The Foundation is changing that. Be a part of it! Ray Foxworth DC - Jackson, Mississippi

"I have been staying current with the activity of the Foundation since I was a student. When I recently read there were over 500 million positive media impressions tracked by the Foundation in 2009 all across the country, I was impressed! So much, that there was no way I could sit on the sidelines anymore and not become a monthly contributor. Their work with the Mercer report on cost effectiveness and the testimonials from well known chiropractic patients is vital to the growth of the profession nationiwide. Keep up the great work!" Nathaniel Tiplady DC - Waltham MA

Palmer is constantly being asked, what are you doing to market the profession to public? First, please understand Palmer is in the business of educating and graduating some of the finest chiropractors in the world. Even though we understand the importance of marketing the profession, we also understand it is not our primary role. We leave that to the experts. That is why Palmer College of Chiropractic, both fundamentally and monetarily, supports the efforts of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. I personally am amazed by the number of PR campaigns the Foundation has developed, but they cannot do it alone they need our help, after all this our profession and we individually need to do our part in the marketing of our profession to the public. Dr Mickey Burt, Executive Director for Alumni Palmer College of Chiropractic.

"I personally contribute to the Foundation because it just would not feel right to me to do otherwise. There is an old saying that timing is everything and that could not be more true for chiropractic than it is now. With health care reform looming on the horizon it is imperative that we present our case in the most effective way possible; the Foundation does just that, and does it very well and very cost-effectively. The foundation has more than earned my support, and they have it." Peter Martin D.C. President - Palmer College Florida

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is an impressive organization. In my memory, not only is it the longest-running public relations effort in chiropractic, it has leaders that understand the power of professional unity and research. Both are important in our profession's quest for cultural authority. William Meeker, DC, MPH - President, Palmer College-West Campus

"My husband and practice partner, Dr. James Edwards, have been contributors to the Foundation since its inception. We truly believe that perception IS reality, and that the only way our profession can move forward is through a CHANGE in the current public perception. The best, and most effective way this can be realized is by contributing to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress! It's as simple as that." Cynthia S. Vaughn, D.C. - Austin, Texas

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