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This F4CP series features positive chiropractic experiences of high-profile individuals, including professional athletes, entertainers and celebrities.

St. Onge
David Bromstad
Robert Fairchild
Becky Halstead
Allison Jones
Anthony Field
Notah Begay
Eileen Ciccotelli
Shea Vaughn
Merrill Moses
Joseph Hyer
Alyssa Pigott
Bay Area Breeze
Merle Haggard
Aaron Rodgers
Arie Luyendyk
Rigan Machado
Tommy Armour
Jon and Darla Montgomery
Carol Alt
Nancy Lieberman
Linda Cohn
Tony Scheffler
Raymond Singer
Barbara Kinder
Cindy Smith
Erik Kukkonen
Mike Love
Becky Halstead
June Munroe
Vanessa Porto
Marques Colston
Todd Smith


The F4CP produces advertisements that aim to educate the public about the many benefits of chiropractic care. These ads are placed in publications, including The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.



The F4CP produces advertorials that aim to educate the public about the many benefits of chiropractic care. These advertorials are featured in prominent publications nationwide.

Sciatica Sciatica Pain
Gallup Poll Gallup Poll
Diabetes Advice Diabetes Advice
Military Chiro Military Chiropractic
Joint Commission Joint Commission
Chiro Candidate Chiropractic Candidate?
Whiplash Whiplash Sufferers
In Demand Jobs Most In-Demand Jobs
On Site Workplace On-Site Workplace
Work Related Injuries Work Related Injuries
Fit Living Fit Living
Reduce Surgery Reduce Surgery
Chiropractic Best Career Chiropractic Career
Arhtritis Sufferers Turn to Chiropractic Arthritis Sufferers
Linda Cohn Linda Cohn
Mike Love Good Vibrations
Outfield Wall Collision Outfield Wall Collision
Colick Colicky Infants
Menigitis Meningitis Scare
Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes
Good Health Targeting Obesity
Concussions Concussions Among Athletes
Navy Seal Ex-Navy Seal
Wiggles Wiggle Back
Basketball Basketball Injuries
World Series World Series Champs
Manipulation More Comfort, Less Cost
Dance Dance Like A Star
Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers
Driving Safety Driving Safety
Cheerleading Redskins Cheerleaders
Obesity Targeting Obesity
Back Pack Backpack Safety
Becky Halstead Military Health Care
Cell Bow Cell Phone Elbow
Golf Golf Safety
Handbag Handbag Overload
Sarah Harding Ms. Fitness USA
High Heels High Heel Safety
Jery Rice Jerry Rice - Spokesperson 2010-2014
Pregnancy Pregnancy Care
Stroller Stroller Safety
Work Safety Staying Well at Work
Workplace Ergonomics Workplace Ergonomics
Neck Pain Treat Neck Pain
Migraines Headache Relief
Chiro First Chiropractic Care First
Chiro Education Chiropractic Education
Insurance Insurance Plans
Education Education Infographic
Posture Posture
CDC Opioids CDC Opioid
Opioid Marketing Opioid Marketing
Safety Safety
Trust Trust
Opioid Alternatives Opioid Alternative
Opioid WP Infographic Opioid WP Infographic
stroke Stroke
student athletes Student Athlete
Tech Neck Tech Neck
Student Backpacks Student Backpacks
Super Bowl LI Super Bowl LI
Addicted Babies Addicted Babies
Amateur Athletes Amateur Athletes


Cost of Back Pain Cost of back pain
Cost of Chronic Pain Cost of chronic pain
Cost of Cost Cost of pain
Cost of overdose Cost of Overdose
Cost of Back Pain Cost of back pain
Cost of Prescription Back Pain Cost of Prescription back pain