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The Chiropractic Association of Louisiana (CAL) published a positive article about the F4CP, highlighting its newest champion ad with professional athlete, Marques Colston. Click to read more.
How to maximize profits

As a member of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, you have access to ALL of our marketing material for local use. Become your own publicist and build a pro-chiropractic campaign in your local area...for FREE!


  1. Download release -
  2. Add your clinic's contact information
  3. Fax, e-mail, or hand-deliver to your local papers health editor
  4. FOLLOW UP - Offer yourself for interviews as an expert source


  1. Download advertorial -
  2. Contact your local papers advertising department for rates
  4. If possible, work in a follow up story as part of the deal; offer yourself as a local expert


  1. Email to receive desired radio mp3 or television spot
  2. Incorporate clinic information at the end of each message (Doctor responsible for edits and alterations - all changes must be approved by the Foundation)
    Sample tagline alteration:
    This public service announcement has been brought to you by Dr. John Doe of John Doe Chiropractics, 555-555-5555 or
  3. Contact your local radio or television station program director for format specifications
  4. Email or mail the formatted PSA to the media outlet


  1. Contact your local papers advertising department for specifications (size, color, etc.)
  2. Choose which Foundation ad you are interested in promoting locally -
  3. Email with the following information:
    -Clinic information (name, address, telephone, website)
    -desired Foundation ad
    -ad specifications
  4. After receiving the prepared ad back from the Foundation, send to your local papers ad department

    *Additional fees may apply based on individual's monthly pledge


  1. Choose which Foundation ad(s) you would like feature in-house as a 18 x 24'' poster
  2. Email with the following information:
    -Desired posters
    -Clinic information (optional)
  3. You will receive the poster in the following weeks
    * Additional fees may apply based on individual's monthly pledge

Contact to receive more information on how to MAXIMIZE your benefits.

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