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The Chiropractic Association of Louisiana (CAL) published a positive article about the F4CP, highlighting its newest champion ad with professional athlete, Marques Colston. Click to read more.
In memory of...

There are those from our chiropractic family who have passed on and who would be very pleased with the progress the profession is achieving. Chiropractic health care was a big part of their life and contributions in their name are made to honor them and support the progress to continue...

A minimum of $120 ( $10 a month for twelve months ) for a legacy contribution.

In memory of... Fred P. Malizia contributor - Malizia family

In memory of... Dr. Howard Aben contributor - Iowa Chiropractic Society

In memory of... Ritch Miller contributor - Dr. Jennifer Schrage

In memory of... Dr. Alex Politis contributor - Palmer College of Chiropractic

In memory of... Dr. Joseph G. Bishop contributor - Palmer College of Chiropractic

In memory of... Dr. Ritch Miller of Nebraska contributor - Missouri State Chiropractors Association

In memory of... Dr. Kenneth L. Schaaf contributor - Dr. Gary Schaaf

In memory of... Dr. E.J. Nosser contributor - Dr. Thomas Nosser

In memory of... Dr. and Mrs. Oliver R. Smith contributor - Dr. Oliver R. Smith III

In Memory of... Glenda Harrington contributor - Patricia DeVivi, Skye DeVivi-Beck

In Memory of... Isabel N. Powell contributor - James P. Powell

In Memory of... Evelyn Fields contributor - Donna, Kelly, and Scott Conroy

In Memory of... Evelyn Fields contributor - Ken & Joan Dittmer, William & Laurie Johnson, Maria Owens

In Memory of... Evelyn Fields - (Grandmother of Dr. Jordan Leasure, DC and Dr. Jade Leasure, DC) contributor - Donna Spinozza

In Memory of Dr. Monte Greenawalt contributor - Jamie Greenawalt

In Memory of....Dr. and Mrs. Jack Flynn contributor - Darlene Flynn

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