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IT'S HERE: September Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month

Designated by the prestigious Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) on the American Hospital Association official health care calendar, Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month has arrived.


Sponsored by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, this nationwide annual campaign is crucial in raising public awareness of chiropractic care as the preferred first-line approach to safe and effective management of low back, neck and neuro-musculoskeletal pain.


We've developed a Doctor Roadmap and State Association Roadmap to walk the leadership and individual doctor in practice through a step-by-step September marketing plan.

F4CP Board Member, Mark Sanna, DC, has also provided an instructional Guide to Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month. Click here to learn more.


Get involved this September and utilize the F4CP material in the roadmaps on a local level - press releases, advertorials, public service announcements, advertisements, patient handouts and more!


We are also coordinating several half- and quarter-page ad placements in Wall Street Journal and USA Today throughout the month of September.


Ad samples included below. We encourage you to use all materials provided by the Foundation in your region.





If you have any questions regarding the roadmaps or advertisements above, please contact Marketing Director, Alexis Lignos alexis@f4cp.com.


Why You Should Support the Campaign



This is our opportunity to position the chiropractic profession as a first-line drug-free pain management option before opioids.


80 percent of drug abusers begin the downward spiral with prescription painkillers...Let's put chiropractic care in this conversation!


The Foundation has launched a public-facing social media campaign called #N410 asking people to donate just $10 to the cause and share their personal stories about how opioid addiction has affected their lives.


To donate $10, visit tiny.cc/N410 and share your story on social media with the hashtag #N410.


Thank You!

Thanks to all who made the FCA National Convention such an incredible event for the Foundation's Campaign: Save Lives, Stop Opioid Abuse, Choose Chiropractic.

A record $154,620 was raised to increase national awareness of chiropractic care as a first line, cost-effective, safer approach to pain management than opioids.

Special recognition to ChiroHealthUSA and Foot Levelers for their very generous matching dollar donations.

Thank you to all contributors!

  • NCMIC: $10,000
  • Standard Process: $10,000
  • Hawk Grips: $10,000
  • North Carolina Chiropractic Association: $2,500
  • Biokinemetrics, Inc.: $2,000
  • Michigan Association of Chiropractors: $2,000
  • Dr. Wayne Wolfson: $1,000
  • Dr. Lou Sportelli: $1,000
  • Burt Clinic of Chiropractic, Drs. Mickey, Chad, Bradley, and Austin: $1,000
  • International Chiropractors Association: $1,000
  • ScripHessco: $1,000
  • Tennessee Chiropractic Association: $1,000
  • TruGen3: $500

Register for the Free Webinar Series to the Profession

As part of the September Awareness Month activities, the Foundation launched a seven-part webinar series free to the profession, sponsored by premiere corporate partners:

  • Standard Process
  • ChiroHealthUSA
  • Biotics
  • Chirotouch
  • Performance Health
  • Foot Levelers

Register for the remaining September webinars today:

If you are interested in listening to the past webinar recordings, contact Marketing Director, Alexis Lignos alexis@f4cp.com.

Performance Health Product Donation

Performance Health will be partnering with F4CP on their national campaign: Save Lives, Stop Opioid Abuse, Choose Chiropractic.




Concurrently, Performance Health has launched a complementary program called Safer Pain Relief to help promote chiropractic as a safer alternative to opioids.


During Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month this September, for every donation of $100 or more to F4CP, Performance Health will provide the donor an assortment of Biofreeze Professional, TheraBand Kinesiology Tape and TheraPearl products (valued at $100 MSRP).


To contribute and receive an assortment of non-opioid pain management products, please click here: http://www.saferpainrelief.org/resources/september-is-drug-free-pain-management-month-get-involved.html

Learn How Other States are Making Waves this September

Several State Associations and Districts have been extremely involved in promoting chiropractic as the first-line, drug-free option for pain management. Those States and district include:

  • Iowa Chiropractic Society
  • California Chiropractic Association
  • Florida Chiropractic Association
  • North Carolina Chiropractic Association
  • And More

Here are their stories:

"The Foundation made it very easy to follow and implement their plan for the Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month. They provided all of the tools necessary to create a successful campaign in South Dakota."

- Katy Stulc, Executive Director, South Dakota Chiropractors Association


"The MAC is utilizing the quality materials developed by the F4CP to further our statewide mission to raise awareness about the opioid epidemic, and the important role chiropractors play in reducing drug dependancy. We have made it a priority to make this message heard loud and clear throughout the State of Michigan. The F4CP partnership has been extremely beneficial in furthering our anti-opioid campaign."

- Tim Gaughan, Public Relations Director, Michigan Association of Chiropractors


"In conjunction with the Iowa Chiropractic Society (ICS) strategic plan goals, the ICS board of directors have secured the expertise of a public relations consultant and embraced a public awareness campaign supported by much information from the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP). The month of September in Iowa includes launches of press releases recognizing drug-free pain management awareness month and a proclamation signing at the Iowa State Capitol. In addition, there will be a presentation by DCs at 10 district legislative socials engaging state legislators and chiropractors in conversation about the opioid problem in Iowa. The objective is to demonstrate chiropractic care as a safer strategy for pain treatment and management. The public relations campaign will continue through April 2018 and will emphasis and highlight various issues and opportunities."
- Molly Lopez, CAE Executive Director, Iowa Chiropractic Society

Ohio local Chiropractic District fights back against opioid/heroin epidemic.


The North Central Academy of Chiropractic, District 14 (D14), which represents five counties, is fighting back against the opioid and heroin epidemic in Ohio.

Our slogan is Chiropractic First; Stop Opioid Abuse. Our statement is simply, try chiropractic first, we can stop the use of opioids from the beginning.


We contacted F4CP and asked for assistance.


March 2017; F4CP opioid posters and brochures were printed with instructions to find a local chiropractor at our District website: ohiochiro.org. We are figuring out how to use F4CP PSAs for our local newspapers, radio and possibly TV. We added resources to our website: One-page opiate fact sheet, how to work with the media, sample articles to educate patients, recent articles of interest. We have created letters to employers and to hospitals/providers. Our plan is to submit F4CP opioid posters and submit Veterans' right to seek chiropractic posters to Veteran and military facilities in D14 territory. Letters to the editor are being submitted to multiple papers by multiple chiropractic physicians.


Activity and action steps. D14 attended Stark County monthly Opioid Task Force meetings. Provided input with our posters and brochures in hand. No-one was talking about programs to stop the abuse when injury/pain occurs. All programs were set up to treat the addict. Our recommendation was simply, consult a chiropractic physician first. We are gaining more contacts with every meeting/function we attend.


D14 educated legislators on how chiropractic physicians can be a solution to the Ohio Opioid Epidemic at our Legislative Advocacy day in Columbus, Ohio. We gave F4CP brochures to everyone we had an audience with.


We attended FATHER'S motorcycle (500+ bikers were in attendance) poker run (Father's Against the Heroin Epidemic Rally) June 2017. We set up a booth with F4CP chiropractic and opioid posters and brochures and military Veteran poster information regarding Veterans' right to choose chiropractic treatment.


July 26, 2017, D14 attended Youngstown Chiropractic District monthly meeting to share our opioid project and our Veterans' right to seek chiropractic treatment campaign. Youngstown TV 21 filmed the event and our program made the 11 o'clock news.


Click here to view the media coverage.


August 2017, D14 attended CommQuest Addiction and Recovery Symposium with Chris Carter downtown Canton. We had an exhibit with chiropractic information. During the afternoon, a pain doctor from Mercy Hospital picked up our brochure and poster information.


The evening had Pro-Football Hall of Famer, Chris Carter, who spoke to the public about drugs and addiction. He is a Chiropractic fan! Our district had a strong presence. We made contacts with local service providers. The Rock & Recovery radio station is interested in interviewing us. The Commquest staffer who oversaw the event is also interested in having us help her line up speakers for next year (sharing the message we know needs to be shared). We're gaining momentum sharing the chiropractic first message.


The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation has proposed a rule, which requires surgeons and physicians to require the injured worker to have at least 60 days of conservative care first before lumbar spinal surgery. Per our review, this rule does specifically list chiropractic treatment within the conservative care plan.


Went to the Canton American Legion by my office yesterday morning and met with the post Commander. I took materials with me, which the Commander readily accepted.


The Commander and I had a good talk. He was very receptive and understands that we can help the veteran and he understands we can reduce the drug usage ongoing in our military. They have veteran programs playing on TVs throughout the facility all day long. They plan to put our information on their programs. They will put up our posters also.


The Commander listed several veteran facilities in our area. These facilities, I plan to visit after Labor Day. The format will be to call these facilities ahead of time and set up a meeting with whoever is in charge. I know the American Legions have a Commander in each facility. I will let you know about the other facilities I visit.


Our plan now is to support the F4CP September Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month. We have asked our Mayor to support the resolution. We plan to contact our County Commissioners and the Ohio Governor to support the resolution. We will keep you all posted where our plan takes us.


Stop addiction before it starts. That is the chiropractic profession's role in the fight against the opioid epidemic. Our District is on a roll and many more action steps need to be taken.

- Judson Sprandel II DC, NCAC Vice President

If you are running your own local, regional or state-wide opioid awareness campaign, please share your experience with us. Email: alexis@f4cp.com.

New Study: Chiropractic Care and Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics Combination Reduces Low Back Pain

A new study in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation proves that a combination of chiropractic care and Foot Levelers custom orthotics reduces Low Back Pain by 40.4 percent.


The study also found that the combination of chiropractic care and Foot Levelers custom orthotics improved function by 32.3 percent.


The groundbreaking research comes at a time when nearly 150 people die every day from opioid abuse. More than half of opioid users report Low Back Pain. This study proves that Foot Levelers custom orthotics and chiropractic care are a powerful, drug-free treatment option for Low Back Pain.


Click here to read the entire study.

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic With Drug-Free Pain Management

America is experiencing a national opioid-abuse epidemic. On Sept. 12, Gallup hosted a special event at its global headquarters in Washington, D.C. The event brought together some of the nation's top health-care policy makers to discuss the issue. Also featured was a special Gallup report highlighting the latest Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic research on Americans' views about the safety and effectiveness of opioids, as well as drug-free treatment options.* The list of participants is below.



Jon Clifton, J.D.

Managing Partner, Gallup


Cynthia English, M.P.P.

Senior Research Consultant, Gallup

Keynote and panel moderator:

Aaron E. Carroll, M.D., M.S.

Professor of Pediatrics and Associate Dean for Research Mentoring at Indiana University School of Medicine, Director of the Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research, and a regular contributor to "The Upshot" at The New York Times

Panel members:

Carolyn Clancy, M.D., MACP

Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Organizational Excellence, Department of Veterans Affairs


David Shurtleff, Ph.D.

Deputy Director of the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH)


Joe Selby, M.D., M.P.H.

Executive Director of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)


Christine Goertz, D.C., Ph.D.

Vice Chancellor for Research and Health Policy at Palmer College of Chiropractic

*Data for this research brief was collected by Gallup as part of the Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic Annual Study of Americans.

Individual Spotlight of the Month: Kathy Mills Chang

This month, the F4CP spotlights Kathy Mills Chang, founder and CEO, KMC University, for the continued support she has shown the F4CP and chiropractic profession.



Kathy is a $100 per month gold contributor to the F4CP since 2007 and recently contributed $2,000 to support the Foundation's national opioid awareness campaign. She donated to the campaign in honor of her nephew, Brian Roosevelt, who died of an opioid overdose over 10 years ago. After unsuccessful medical treatment for back pain, several compounding Workers' Compensation injuries and a lack of oversight by his medical provider, Brian lost his battle to addiction of these drugs and left us at only 35 years old.


Kathy has been a part of the profession since 1983 and after this tragedy, has redoubled her efforts to help spread the word about chiropractic care as the FIRST choice, drugs second, surgery last.


We are thankful for Kathy's membership and support in helping to position chiropractic care as the first-line option for pain management before opioids.

Contributor Spotlight of the Month: Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC)


This month, we recognize Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC) for its ongoing support. As a Group Member of the Foundation, MAC has contributed more than $177,000 to F4CP over the past several years.


The MAC is Michigan's sole professional organization for chiropractors, with more than 1,700 members represented throughout the state. The MAC acts to protect and enhance the chiropractic profession through organized leadership, education, and the promotion of the chiropractic discipline and practice. The MAC also advocates for Michigan chiropractors, their patients, and the profession in general to state government, the public, the business community, and the insurance industry.

Want to Confidently Conduct Workshops in Your Community? Become Athletic TIPS™ Certified

Athletic TIPS™ certification empowers doctors to effectively conduct community workshops on the following topics:

  • Preventing Dehydration and Heat-related Conditions
  • Nutrition in Sports Management
  • Recognizing, Managing and Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Concussion Recognition and Prevention

Athletic TIPS-Certified Instructor, Mindy Mar, DC, DACBSP, recently presented a TIPS concussion course at the California Chiropractic Association (CCA) Sports & Rehab Symposium, August 18-20. Dr. Mar instructs across the nation.



Athletic TIPS™ provides its certified instructors with all of the materials needed to be successful in your community:

  • Athletic TIPS™ Playbook to support scheduling workshops year-round in local communities
  • Presentations, scripts and supportive materials for each community workshop that you schedule at a school, recreation center or other local setting
  • Complete marketing program, which offers support in public relations, social media and community outreach

The F4CP offers its members ($25+ per month) a special opportunity to become a TIPS-Certified Instructor.


Are you contributing $25 per month and interested in becoming certified? Contact Marta Cerdan, marta@f4cp.com.

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