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September Designated as “Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month”

September has been designated Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month, an opportunity to raise public awareness about non-pharmacologic options, such as chiropractic care, to safely and effectively address for many patients, spine and joint-related pain.


The Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month observance will be included in the American Hospital Association’s official health care calendar. The month of observances will educate and inform consumers, managed care, state legislators and patient referral sources.


Start planning to enhance your position in the community and state by promoting chiropractic as the first choice for pain management by legislative/government resolution and letters to your local newspaper and more. Look for further details in upcoming issues of the newsletter.


This campaign specifically targets prescription opioids, although this is also an opportunity to also address the use of NSAIDS. The campaign takes into consideration cancer-related pain and pain related to other chronic diseases where drugs may be necessary.


Share information with your patients on drug-free care, please visit: Opioid Toolkit 1.0; Opioid Toolkit 2.0.

F4CP Launches Marketing Toolkit for Members

F4CP is pleased to announce the launch of “A Guide to Local Marketing Success” to F4CP doctor members.


The kit offers doctors effective strategies for marketing their clinic on social media to contacting your local paper’s advertising department to run ads geared toward your practice style.


To access this benefit members-only benefit, please join us! Visit: www.f4cp.com/pledge to become a member today.


If you are a member and did not receive the email on 6/1, please contact Marketing Director Alexis Lignos, alexis@f4cp.com.

Welcome to Group Membership, Utah, Virginia and New Hampshire Chiropractic Association

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is thrilled to welcome Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association (UCPA), Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association (UVCA) and New Hampshire Chiropractic Association (NHCA) to Group Membership.


Foundation Group Members are included within a premier class of support that provides qualified stakeholders with membership benefits, including the use of marketing material, a listing in the nationwide directory, access to practice-building webinars and tool kits, and much more.


Each month, F4CP creates and distributes a multitude of positive press resources for Group Members to utilize, including: press releases, advertorials, public service announcements, nationwide ads, infographics and social media content.


Our newest members join the following Foundation Group Members:

  • Alaska Chiropractic Society
  • Arkansas Chiropractic Association
  • California Chiropractic Association
  • ChiroHealthUSA
  • ChiroTouch
  • Florida Chiropractic Association
  • Foot Levelers
  • Iowa Chiropractic Society
  • Chiropractic Association of Louisiana
  • Maryland Chiropractic Association
  • Michigan Association of Chiropractors
  • Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association
  • New York State Chiropractic Association
  • North Dakota Chiropractic Association
  • Oregon Chiropractic Association
  • Palmer President Club
  • Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island
  • South Dakota Chiropractors Association
  • Tennessee Chiropractic Association
  • Texas Chiropractic Association
  • Wyoming Chiropractic Association

The total number of group memberships is now at 24! The F4CP thanks our new members and old members alike for their continued support.


Welcome to Group Membership, UCPA, UVCA and NHCA - we look forward to working together and raising awareness about the benefits of chiropractic care!

Positive Feedback from National Press Club Attendees

If you haven’t viewed the press briefing from the Foundation’s press briefing ‘Improving Drug-Free Pain Care in America’ at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, please click here to watch: www.f4cp.com/watchpressclub/.




Quotes from Press Briefing Attendees:

"In my 23-year career, this was the most impressive event at the National Press Club that I have seen. To organize and execute an event where leading MD’s, PhD’s and researchers from NIH discussed the role that doctors of chiropractic can play in eliminating the opioid crisis was remarkable. I commend the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress for their tireless work for the profession and I encourage EVERY doctor of chiropractic around the nation and around the world to watch this event made available to us by the Foundation.” - Jay Greenstein, DC, CEO, Sports and Spine Rehab

"I think every DC should take time to watch this press conference. It's an opportunity to hear non-DC health care professionals talk about the benefits of chiropractic and our role in helping to solve the opioid epidemic. Having been privileged to attend the live event, it was a proud moment for the profession." - Norman Ouzts Jr., DC, Executive Vice President NBCE


"The Washington, DC press conference at the National Press Club hosted by F4CP provided a unique opportunity for patients and medical doctors to speak up about the opioid crisis and the value that chiropractic care brings to help those with chronic pain. The conventional treatments have brought havoc. A new wisdom was given life. There are myths and truth about chronic pain care. This press conference offered an affirmation of concrete recommendations the states, the CDC, and the other federal agencies can and should make policy. - David O’Bryon, President, Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC)


"The opioid crisis is setting the stage for doctors of chiropractic to finally make a far larger contribution to our society. It’s historic when the National Press Club brings together non-DCs to publicly communicate the potential savings in dollars and lives we can make with non-pharmaceutical pain relief. Thanks to F4CP for making this possible, and to my colleagues for sharing this very significant message with patients and, most importantly, other professionals.” - Steven Weiniger, DC


"A presentation that emphatically demonstrates the chiropractic profession is not alone in the fight against opioid use for chronic pain. This event not only showed the support for conservative pain management throughout the health care system, but it also provided a non-chiropractic view of what we are up against and the steps needed to evoke change.”  - Stephanie Halloran, DC

F4CP Fibromyalgia (FM) Awareness Day

On May 4, the F4CP pointed to the importance of May 12 as Fibromyalgia (FM) Awareness Day and Together Walks, sponsored by National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA), to raise awareness and funding for research.


The F4CP distributed a press release highlighting the chronic pain disease, Fibromyalgia (FM) and Retired Brig. Gen. Rebecca Halstead, the first woman to graduate from West Point and achieve the rank of General, who was diagnosed with chronic FM in 2005 and deployed to Iraq for one year:

“Upon my return, the military's solution was to treat me with multiple prescription medications,” says Halstead, author of The First Person You Must Lead Is You. “I found those only to complicate my health challenges. So, in 2008, after 27 years in the military, I retired and sought out other solutions. For me, the answers came from my chiropractor who not only treated me, but educated me. My condition went from chronic to manageable to feeling the best I have in years. I now have a quality of life which I had given up hope for ever finding again."

Read the Press Release, ‘Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Supports Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Sponsored by National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association’.


Fibromyalgia Infographic


Download the latest F4CP infographic now!

Doctor Spotlight of the Month - Mindy Mar

This month, the F4CP spotlights Mindy Mar, DC, DACBSP, for the continued support she has shown the F4CP, Athletic TIPS and the chiropractic profession.


Dr. Mar is currently a spokesperson for the Foundation and Athletic TIPS Certified Instructor, conducting workshops on behalf of the not-for-profit organization dedicated to recognizing, management and preventing sports-related injuries and concussion management.


Dr. Mar


Since 2007, Dr. Mar has been affiliated with the Chargers organization as the team doctor for the Charger Girls and continues her role to date. She is also currently affiliated with Team USA Cricket and Team Canada track cycling, able body and Paracycling. She also served as chiropractic sports physician for Team USA Bobsled &Skeleton, U.S. Paracycling and sports medicine staff for London Paralympic Games in 2012. Dr. Mar was the team chiropractor/ physiotherapist for the BMW ORACLE Racing team, champions of the 33rd America’s Cup match in Valencia Spain.


In addition, Dr. Mar was recently selected to treat athletes in the 2017 International World Games in Wroclaw, Poland in July. Dr. Mar will be part of an international delegation of sports chiropractors working at these games through the Federation International de Chiropractic du Sports (FICS). The event will bring thousands of athletes from different sports and countries to join in a celebration of unity and friendship across all barriers.

Contributor Spotlight of the Month: ChiroHealthUSA


ChiroHealthUSA has contributed over one million dollars to chiropractic organizations including $238,649 to the F4CP. Its founder, Dr. Ray Foxworth is also an active member of the Foundation Board of Directors and is lending his staff to assist with the F4CP membership campaign.


ChiroHealthUSA is a provider-owned network working in conjunction with a Discount Medical Plan Organization. They are a growing network of over 3,700 healthcare professionals who have already helped over 480,000 families get the care they need at a fee they can afford.

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