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February 2016
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The F4CP social media campaign is getting great traction!
Followers to our posts about 7 years minimum DC higher education generated 30 likes in the first hour, and prompted 21 people to share. The post reached 3,001 people, and we received multiple phone phone calls from East Coast Doctors thanking the Foundation for educating the public. Watch for more...
This Month's
2016 Parker Vegas Update
Last month, F4CP Executive Vice President Sherry McAllister, DC, presented the workshop, "Chin Up! Avoiding Tech Neck: Averting Biomechanical Dysfunction from the Use of Mobile Technologies," during 2016 Parker Vegas in Las Vegas, NV.
Dr. McAllister delivered an engaging and informative presentation to a full room of attendees, and based on the positive feedback, the F4CP will be implementing a campaign which educates the public on the importance of good posture.
Stay tuned for further details!
F4CP Offers New Sponsor Ordering Button
The F4CP is launching a new easy-to-use Web-based feature, enabling doctors to order products, supplies and services from our sponsors that donate at the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Founder's Circle levels. We encourage F4CP members to make our sponsors their preferred vendors.
This new benefit is the F4CP's way of thanking sponsors for their support. If you are a sponsor at the Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Founder's Circle levels and you haven’t done so already, please send us your:
  • Company Logo and Company Name as you want it to appear on the landing page.
  • SHORT description of your product or service offering: MAXIMUM 20 words.
  • Exact URL where you would like to direct all doctors.
In order for your company to be listed in the launch, the F4CP will need this information by February 23rd, 2016.
The F4CP is actively developing new promotional resources for its members, including the following:
  • Public Service Announcement: The latest PSA will feature Medal of Honor recipients communicating their trust in chiropractic care. As a reminder, if you subscribe to the F4CP YouTube channel you will receive notification as soon as the PSA is finalized and uploaded.
  • Print Advertisements, Press Releases, Advertorials, Social Syndications, Social Media: Based on the findings of a recent report, "Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic Inaugural Report: Americans' Perceptions of Chiropractic," the F4CP is rolling out a new campaign across all of its PR platforms which will address the lack of understanding about the education of a DC.
  • To view the F4CP national press release about the education of a DC, click here.
F4CP to Attend NCLC
This year, the F4CP will attend the National Chiropractic Legislative Conference in Washington D.C., February 24-27, 2016.
The conference will provide the F4CP with several opportunities to interact with doctors and students from throughout the country. It's a unique event that sets the direction for the future of chiropractic in the U.S., and it gives the profession a chance to demonstrate unity to members of Congress.
For additional information about the event, click here.
Tips for Good Posture
The F4CP recognizes the importance of good posture and its effects on overall health and well-being.
In addition to counseling patients about healthy postural habits, doctors of chiropractic (DCs) – who receive a minimum of seven years of education – provide hands on care that helps to naturally align and strengthen the spine, which subsequently builds core postural muscles. Good posture offers one a better opportunity to prevent injuries, muscle fatigue and pain, degenerative arthritis and joint pain.
Tips for implementing good posture can be found in the image below:
On-Site Clinics in the Media
Modern Healthcare published an article entitled, "Company Doctoring," which features the benefits of on-site corporate health clinics for both employers and employees.
The article mentions that many larger employers are offering on-site clinics, including Facebook who employs an on-staff doctor of chiropractic at its clinic.
The F4CP notes the many benefits of the inclusion of chiropractic care within on-site corporate health clinics in its white paper, "The Growing Role of Doctors of Chiropractic in On-Site Corporate Health Clinics," which can be downloaded here.
To view the article in its entirety, click here.
F4CP Welcomes Dr. Ray Foxworth & Kris Dowell to its Board of Directors
The F4CP is honored to welcome Ray Foxworth, DC, FICC, MCS-P, president, ChiroHealthUSA, and Kristine Dowell, executive director, Michigan Association of Chiropractors, to its board of directors.
Both individuals bring to the table years of experience in the chiropractic profession.
"As a long-time supporter of the organization, I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to work internally among the talented and well-versed F4CP board of directors. I am confident that, together, we can achieve unprecedented levels of success for the profession." – Dr. Foxworth
"I am honored to work alongside the F4CP board in an effort to generate positive press for the chiropractic profession. I look forward to connecting with current members of the F4CP board of directors and developing new strategies that will help to ensure future success for the campaign." – Kristine Dowell
For additional information, please read the press releases below:
Dr. Ray Foxworth
Kristine Dowell
Dr. Laiderman Represents Chiropractic at 2015 Pan American Games
Last month, Brian Laiderman, DC, MS, traveled to Santiago, Chile to serve as the only chiropractic physician for Team USA during the 2015 Pan American Maccabi Games.
With more than 300 competing athletes representing the U.S., Dr. Laiderman was responsible for the management of all musculoskeletal conditions.
Each day, Dr. Laiderman treated between 20-30 athletes for various injuries including tendonitis, tendonosis, acute/chronic sprains/strains of the extremities, shoulder impingement syndrome, hip musculature weakness, musculoskeletal neurological deficiencies, headaches, and stomach irritation, often due to traveling. Common treatments during the Games included chiropractic adjustments, ART (Active Release Treatment®), Graston Technique®, Kinesiology® taping, infrared therapy, physiotherapy, and cold compression therapy.
For additional information, click here.
F4CP Thanks Standard Process for Support
The F4CP would like to give a special thank you to Standard Process for its ongoing encouragement and dedication to the campaign's advancement.
Last month, Standard Process held a meeting with its distributors and salespersons, at which the organization handed out F4CP Corporate Sponsorship packages to attendees encouraging them to become members of the F4CP.
Thank you, Standard Process, not only for your annual donations, but for your commitment and loyalty, as well.
World Congress of Chiropractic Students Donates to F4CP
Recently, the F4CP received a generous donation from Palmer College of Chiropractic – West Campus' World Congress of Chiropractic Students in the amount of $362.
In addition, one of the students, Kimmy Wong, personally donated $25 to the F4CP.
It is gratifying to see students of chiropractic investing in the future of the profession, and the F4CP is sincerely appreciative of the thoughtful contribution.
More than
10,000 members
Join many state and national groups, colleges, vendors, doctors and students nationwide as a monthly contributor to the F4CP.
Contributor Spotlight of the Month:
Breakthrough Coaching
Breakthrough Coaching
Much of the F4CP's success can be attributed to its contributors. This month, we recognize Breakthrough Coaching for its unwavering support and commitment to the F4CP.
In 2015, Breakthrough Coaching has pledged $6,000, and to date, the organization has contributed $39,555 to the F4CP.
It is because of our valuable contributors, including Breakthrough Coaching, that the F4CP can continue to fulfill its important mission, and we are extremely grateful for the ongoing support.
"'Conquer and Divide.' 'Alone none of us are as smart as all of us when we join together.' Familiar sayings are absolutely true when it comes to generating positive press for chiropractic. For over a decade the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has provided a unified voice supporting the benefits of chiropractic care. When we join together and pool our resources through the F4CP, we can achieve an impact that would not be possible on an individual or local level. Breakthrough Coaching is proud to have been one of the first contributors to the F4CP and we continue to pledge our support for the future.
-- Mark Sanna, DC, CEO, Breakthrough Coaching
The F4CP encourages individuals, doctors and associations to support organizations that support the profession. To view a list of current F4CP vendor supporters, visit:
Doctor Spotlight of the Month:
Dr. Daryl Wills
Daryl Wills
This month, the F4CP spotlights Dr. Daryl Wills for his long-standing commitment to the F4CP and chiropractic profession. Not only is Dr. Wills a seasoned chiropractor with nearly 40 years of experience, but he has also served as former president of the Wyoming Chiropractic Association (WCA), Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association (NCPA) and the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).
Since 2005, Dr. Wills has contributed $13,300 to the F4CP, greatly influencing the organization's ability to generate positive press resources -- including press releases, advertisements, print advertorials, television/radio public service announcements and sponsored research -- and further inform the public about the benefits of chiropractic care.
"It was during my presidency of the ACA that the F4CP was first introduced. I was instrumental in involving the ACA in support of the Foundation and its direction to bring the chiropractic message to the public on a broad scale, which had never been accomplished before successfully. Anyone who chooses to contribute to the F4CP is helping to educate the public and grow the profession for our future doctors of chiropractic." – Dr. Wills
Injury Prevention in the Media
A new article published in The Wall Street Journal details recent studies of professional and college teams, which suggest an adequate intake of vitamin D among athletes may be responsible for a player’s overall health and well-being.
Paralleling the article's focus, Athletic TIPS™, a national, not-for-profit organization that drives expanded awareness and education around the role of multi-disciplinary care in the recognition, management and prevention of sports-related injuries, offers community workshops on the following topics:
  • Concussion Recognition and Prevention
  • Nutrition in Sports Management
  • Recognizing, Managing and Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Preventing Dehydration and Heat-related Conditions
For more information, or to schedule a community workshop in your local area, visit
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Lance Cohen DC
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Michele Maiers DC, PhD
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Kray Kibler
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Kris Dowell
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The continued growth of the F4CP is dependent upon more doctors getting involved. All of the monthly contributors can be found at the website. Encourage your list of contacts to join you in support of the profession's successful positive press campaign. Forward this newsletter to them. This campaign is making a difference by informing patients everywhere about the benefits of chiropractic care!! OVER ONE HUNDRED BILLION POSITIVE MESSAGES ON CHIROPRACTIC DISTRIBUTED AND TRACKED OVER THE LAST THREE YEARS!

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