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2015 Masters Tournament Victor, Jordan Spieth, Thanks DC

Following a record-breaking win at the 2015 Masters Tournament, 21-year-old Jordan Spieth delivered a speech recognizing those who significantly contributed to his victory, including his doctor of chiropractic, Troy Van Biezen.

Since the age of 14, Spieth has relied upon chiropractic care to prevent injuries, as well as optimize overall health and athletic performance.

For additional information about the benefits of chiropractic care, and its critical role in Spieth's victory, read the release here.

F4CP Ads in The Wall Street Journal

Last year, the F4CP unveiled dozens of new advertisements highlighting the role and value of chiropractic in health care. These ads were developed with the support of Dynamic Chiropractic, ChiroTouch and CPR Communications. Recently, the F4CP began to run these new ads in The Wall Street Journal. The following were placed in April:

back-pain back-pain

The next F4CP placement in The Wall Street Journal is scheduled for the week of May 18th. Watch for it in the journal or online at: www.facebook.com/FoundationforChiropracticProgress.

National Correct Posture Month– Press, Plus Posters!

This month, the F4CP is pleased to celebrate National Correct Posture Month – an annual nationwide awareness campaign held each May that aims to educate the public about the significant impact of postural habits on overall health.

The organization will support the month-long campaign through the distribution of educational material, including press releases, print advertisements and social media campaigns.

Read the national press release here: NCPM Press Release.

Additionally, the F4CP is excited to announce its newest membership benefit: a poster demonstrating correct posture.

This new guide is intended for doctors of chiropractic (DCs) to utilize in their local communities in an effort to further educate the public on the importance of good posture.

This poster is available to members at the state elite partnership and gold membership levels.

Group Membership – What Your Group and Its Doctors Receive

Group Membership is a premier class of support offered by the F4CP to groups that meet an annual financial contribution based on the group's number of active, doctor members. Through Group Membership, qualified doctors are provided F4CP membership benefits, such as the use of marketing material, a listing in the nationwide directory, access to practice-building webinars and tool kits, and much more.

The F4CP is actively pursuing groups within the chiropractic profession to enroll in Group Membership. Below is a current list of groups that have approved enrollment in Group Membership and are in various stages of implementation:

  • Chiropractic Association of Louisiana
  • Michigan Association of Chiropractors
  • Florida Chiropractic Association
  • Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island
  • Oregon Chiropractic Association
  • South Dakota Chiropractic Association
  • Wyoming Chiropractic Association
  • Maryland Chiropractic Association
  • Kentucky Association of Chiropractors
  • Alaska Chiropractic Society
  • North Dakota Chiropractic Association
Vendor Partner of the Month: Dynamic Chiropractic

Much of the F4CP's success can be attributed to its supporters.

This month, the F4CP recognizes Dynamic Chiropractic for its outstanding support. In 2015, Dynamic Chiropractic has continued its commitment to the organization with a pledge in the amount of $10,000.

Additionally, Don Petersen, publisher, Dynamic Chiropractic, serves as an F4CP Board Member, supports many of the organization's marketing initiatives, provides significant editorial aid and works vigorously to ensure the national directory is beneficial for every doctor of chiropractic (DC).

The F4CP is extremely grateful for the continued loyalty of Dynamic Chiropractic. It is because of contributors, such as Dynamic Chiropractic, that the F4CP can continue to fulfill its important mission.

The F4CP encourages doctors to support organizations that support the profession. To view a list of current F4CP vendor supporters, visit: www.f4cp.com/contributors.

Be Sure to Join the Next F4CP Webinar, June 9th

Last month, the F4CP hosted and recorded its third webinar of 2015. Several members tuned in as Dr. Mark Sanna, CEO and president, Breakthrough Coaching, discussed how to improve presentations to attract and keep patients. Specifically, Dr. Sanna offered attendees information on how to grow their practice through presentations, develop and deliver an effective presentation and find and schedules dozens of presentations.

Great news! The F4CP will host its next webinar in just a few weeks. Read more details and register for the event below:

  1. Title: Using Social Media to Amplify Your Practice
    Date and Time: Tue, June 9, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
    Description: Led by the founder of AmpLIFEied.com, Dr. Jason Deitch, attendees will learn about the sites offerings, as well as how to streamline success achieved via social media.
    The anticipated webinar will deliver the following messages:
    • Three key factors that determine the success of social media activities
    • Where to find quality chiropractic content
    • How to create community (build your fan base) via social media
    • How to streamline social media activities
    Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn more about how social media can amplify your practice and message to your community - and the easiest way to streamline success.
    Registration (OPEN TO ALL F4CP CONTRIBUTORS): Click Here to Register.
  2. Title: Compliant Marketing - It's Possible - Featuring Industry Expert Kathy Mills-Chang
    Date and Time: Tue, Jul 28, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
    Description: We've all seen the barrage of chiropractic and massage offers that fill our email inbox and mailbox, promising discounted or free services if you'll only become a patient in the office. It's easy to outline the things that you should NOT do, but this session will review actions you can take to market your practice compliantly today. This module is chock-full of ideas that will not land you on the business side of a warning from your state board or get you kicked out of a provider network. Leave this session with a renewed sense of hope and a pocketful of ideas.
    Registration (OPEN TO F4CP CONTRIBUTORS $25+ PER MONTH): Click Here to Register.
  3. Title: Communication is Key Featuring Kim Klapp
    Date and Time: AUGUST 2015
    Registration (OPEN TO F4CP CONTRIBUTORS $25+ PER MONTH): Coming Soon.
  4. Title: Lead Your Practice to Success Featuring General Halstead and Dr. Malizia
    Date and Time: FALL 2015
    Registration (OPEN TO F4CP CONTRIBUTORS $25+ PER MONTH): Coming Soon.
2015 NHLC Forum – A Great Success

Last month, Dr. Sherry McAllister attended the National Health Leadership Council (NHLC) Forum in Denver, CO on behalf of the F4CP to promote its mission and encourage support.

While in attendance, Dr. McAllister had the opportunity to establish strong connections with influential stakeholders in both the health care and employer sectors.

The receptivity at NHLC was tremendously positive, and moving forward, chiropractic will certainly be better positioned in the corporate space.

The NHLC is a multi-stakeholder membership group established by the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH) as a means for high-level discussion of issues important to both coalition members as well as major parties in health care.

F4CP to Attend Institute for HealthCare Consumerism (IHC) FORUM & Expo

Next month, the F4CP will sponsor Dr. Bill Updyke as a speaker at the annual IHC FORUM & Expo, June 23-2, 2015, in Atlanta, GA.

On June 25, 2015, 10:30 a.m.—11:30 a.m., Dr. Updyke will lead the workshop, "Cisco Attributes Clinic Success to the Selection of all the Right Specialty Services," focusing on the integration of chiropractic services within on-site corporate health clinics.

On-site corporate health clinics have evolved into an expanded model that reflects post-health care reforms and addresses challenges: control and reduce costs, enhance access to primary care, and function as a medical home for employees and their dependents. There is increased focus and demand for offering services that effectively address conditions that are both prevalent and costly — for example, musculoskeletal pain and specifically low back pain (LBP).

This session will present the latest evidence supporting the integration of chiropractic services as a trifecta solution– reduced cost, outstanding patient satisfaction and excellent patient outcomes — and offer an insider perspective to the operations and outcomes of Cisco’s on-site health clinic.

The IHC is the only multi-platform, collaborative environment focused solely on innovative health and benefit management. It offers employers, TPAs, solution providers, brokers, advisors, consultants and administrators of health plan providers a place to learn, connect and share.

For more information about the event, please visit www.theihccforum.com/2015atlanta.

Preparing for Athletic TIPS™ Launch

Athletic TIPS™ is gearing up to launch its program publically later this year. For the past two years, the team has focused on the completion of a five-star training curriculum, certification of dozens of doctors to conduct community workshops and completion of developmental activities related to its website and fundraising platform. Although minor adjustments are still being made to ensure success of the program upon launching, the team is positive about the program’s present position and its launch schedule.

The launch of Athletic TIPS™ will include numerous media activities, including distribution of several press releases, advertisements and advertorials, as well as focused campaigns on social media. Check out the first Athletic TIPS™ ad below, which will soon run in national publications.


The F4CP anticipates Athletic TIPS™ will attract quite a bit of attention from the media, as Ed Goren, former vice chairman of Fox Sports, will serve as a spokesperson for the program. Stay tuned for more information regarding Athletic TIPS™!



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