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September Spotlight: D.C. Directory

DID YOU KNOW as an F4CP contributor you receive a free listing within the new D.C. directory? The F4CP directory is now live and, if you are a current contributor, your listing is included. For those monthly contributors at $25 and above, you receive an exclusive profile page that includes information about your practice, office photos, patient testimonials and more.

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At your convenience, please review your listing and inform F4CP of inaccuracies, a representative will help you make updates.

Bonus: The new directory will be promoted to consumers nationwide in all of the new F4CP marketing material, such as advertisements, advertorials and public service announcements. Just last week, the Wall Street Journal featured an F4CP ad that directed readers to the directory!! See more examples below:

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TV PSA: Chiropractic Care
& Headaches
TV PSA: Doctors of Chiropractic
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Dr. Stephanie Mills Crowned Ms. America – Congrats!

On August 9, 2014, Dr. Stephanie Mills from New Hampshire was crowned Ms. America at the Curtis Theatre in Brea, California following a three-day pageant with contestants from around the country. With such an honor comes great responsibility. During 2014, Dr. Stephanie will make appearances throughout the U.S. and abroad, promoting her platform "Making an Impact: Concussion Awareness."

In her role as Ms. America, Dr. Mills is excited to support the F4CP in raising chiropractic awareness, as well as Athletic TIPS™ in increasing concussion awareness.

Check Out New F4CP Ads

Have you seen the new F4CP ads that were developed with the support of Dynamic Chiropractic and ChiroTouch? View all of the new ads here: F4CP Ad Catalog

Unlike previous F4CP ads that offered general chiropractic education and helped to generate 31 billion positive impressions, the new ads aim to encourage consumers to visit local doctors of chiropractic. To support this effort, the F4CP national D.C. directory -- that lists all F4CP contributors -- is being promoted in all new national material. Consumers now have an easy way to locate and connect with local doctors of chiropractic.

F4CP supporters are allowed to use all new ads locally. Replacing the F4CP logo and URL with personal contact information is permitted, other changes are NOT.

Why Wall Street Journal

As you may know, the F4CP regularly distributes public service announcements (radio and television) to over 6,000 stations, print advertorials to over 10,000 new outlets and social syndications to prominent social media sites. Much of the F4CP media impressions are generated as a result of this activity.

Another important activity that shares the F4CP message nationally is advertising in the Wall Street Journal twice a month.

Many F4CP contributors ask why the Wall Street Journal is the medium of choice. First, from a financial standpoint, it is a great buy for the amount of exposure – F4CP pays remnant costs per quarter-page ad, which totals $6,500, compared to standard costs of $60,991. Secondly, the Wall Street Journal (circulation 2m) readership is made up of many decision makers in the business industry. Other newspapers, magazines and online news sources are also targeted in the positive press campaign.

The F4CP constantly reviews its placement strategy to ensure all resources are used best. If you have a suggestion regarding placement, please send your submission to Lauren Kennedy at lkennedy@cpronline.com.

Plethora of Social Media Posts Available

Reminder: Take advantage of the online platform, www.F4CPamplifeied.com, where there is a library of F4CP content available for sharing at all times via social media.

AmpLIFEied is designed to be the world's most social community of people seeking to amplify the message of health. AmpLIFEied provides everyone including healthcare professionals and wellness-oriented facilities from a variety of healthcare disciplines with great content to share with friends, fans, patients, clients and members across all social networks.

Special Group Rate for State Associations

As a way to increase campaign participation, spark widespread education about chiropractic, and grow the number of doctors listed within the new national D.C. directory, the F4CP is offering a special group rate to all state associations. This group rate will allow any association to pay one annual amount on behalf of its entire membership – meaning, the association's members (full-time, practicing doctors only) will then become F4CP members.

Similar to all F4CP members, the association's members will receive access and permission to use all marketing material, receive a free listing within the directory and gain eligibility to become a TIPS Instructor™.

If your state association is interested in taking advantage of this special rate, please have them contact F4CP executive director, Gary Cuneo, at gcuneo@aol.com.

Vendor Spotlight: Biotics Research Corporation

In both 2013 and 2014, Biotics has contributed $25,000 to the F4CP. These generous donations have helped to fuel the national positive press campaign and generate success for the chiropractic profession.

For over 30 years, Biotics has been a leading manufacturer of specially designed nutritional products. The F4CP encourages those within the chiropractic profession to support vendors that support the profession – such as, Biotics. Visit Biotics online today to show your appreciation.

Significant Contributions in September

In 2013, Dee Cee Laboratories pledged $100,000 to the F4CP, to be donated in five annual installments. This month, Dee Cee donated its second installment in the amount of $20,000.

Life College of Chiropractic, West Campus, contributed $10,000 to the F4CP.

Acknowledging Special SP Distributor

In the August issue of Chiropractic Economics, the F4CP published a list of its supporting vendors, colleges and state associations. Unfortunately, the list did not include one extremely loyal supporter, Bill Bahan of Standard Process of Southeast Inc, Atlanta, Georgia. Over the years, Bill Bahan has contributed over $12,000 to the F4CP.

In addition to Bill Bahan, many SP distributors support the F4CP. In total, contributions made by SP distributors amount to $160,865. Check out a list of all SP distributors that support the F4CP with their associated contribution totals here.

Support those that support the chiropractic profession.
View all vendors, colleges and associations that support the F4CP below.

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F4CP & Standard Process Educate Employers about Onsite Chiropractic Services

One of the growing trends in the employer community is the development of corporate onsite health clinics. This is not only perceived as a perk for employees, but also as an opportunity to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. One of the earliest messages that the F4CP shared with the employer community via its outreach program was the role and value of chiropractic services at onsite corporate clinics.

When the F4CP first started sharing this information, there were only seven major companies that included doctors of chiropractic onsite. Since that time, the number of doctors of chiropractic employed at onsite clinics has grown significantly. Today, companies including Google, Microsoft, Cisco and Facebook all have chiropractic services onsite.

Last week, the F4CP sponsored the second annual forum of the National Association of Worksite Health Centers (NAWHC). The F4CP presented the workshop, "Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) Services at the Onsite Health Center," which hosted a discussion around the role and value of CAM services, such as chiropractic care. Led by Dr. Bill Updyke, leader of Physical and Complementary Medicine at LifeConnections Health Center, Cisco, and Jerry Curtin, president of CULTIVATE by Standard Process, the F4CP presentation highlighted unique and particular operational strategies, as well as challenges and successes with CAM services at on-site health centers.

The NAWHC is a Chicago-based, trade organization focused on assisting public and private employers, unions and other sponsors of worksite health programs in getting the greatest return from their onsite employer health centers, onsite pharmacies, worksite fitness and wellness centers.

To read more about the organization and event, click here to read the F4CP press release. This release was ranked number two on www.Yahoo.com at the time of distribution — a great example of impressive media coverage.

2014 Athletic TIPS Seminars™

Becoming an Athletic TIPS Instructor™ is simple — all doctors must join the F4CP at $25 a month, participate in all four seminar modules and provide adequate practice and insurance documentation. These requirements have been established to protect Athletic TIPS™ sponsors and yourself.

There are several certification seminars coming up.

An Athletic TIPS Seminar™ will be held in conjunction with the 2014 ACA Sports Council Symposium, October 2-5, 2014. View the complete schedule and register here:

Seminar Information
Registration Information

The Florida Chiropractic Association will offer an eight-hour Athletic TIPS Seminar™ at its 2014 Winter Convention, November 22-23, 2014. More details to come.

Don't forget to become a TIPS Instructor™, you must join the F4CP -- PLEDGE HERE: Sign Up Today.

Recommend One Makes a Splash

Recommend One was successfully launched at the Florida Chiropractic Association National Convention & Expo in August. General Becky Halsted, spokesperson of the important campaign, presented and honored doctors who have been outstanding recruiters of students for their chiropractic colleges. To complement the launch, the F4CP made new recruitment posters (18" x 24") for office use available to doctors. Those doctors who could not carry the poster home were asked to cover shipping costs.

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If you are interested in receiving a poster for your office, please contact Marta Cerdan at Marta@foundation4cp.com. Shipping costs not included.

Recommend One will continue its activities, with a second ceremony honoring top recruiters during Parker Seminars 2015. To learn more about Recommend One and the national chiropractic associations that support the campaign, click here.

F4CP Announces New Board Members

F4CP chairman, Kent Greenawalt, announced the unanimous selections of Robert Moberg, president of Chirotouch, and Kray Kibler, COO and CFO of Scrip, as the newest members of the F4CP board of directors. Both leaders bring exceptional skills to the F4CP board and will help to fulfill the mission and goals of the organization.

A complete listing of the F4CP board of directors can be seen here: F4CP Board Members.

Summit Shares Important Information

The Chiropractic Summit is made up of many major chiropractic organizations, colleges and vendors that have chosen to come together on behalf of the chiropractic profession. The success of the Summit's efforts have been demonstrated throughout the years, including during the Obama healthcare battles and implementation when chiropractic greatly needed a unified front to deal with the new healthcare environment.

Please review the Summit’s latest message pertinent to the profession below:

Subject: Documentation Committee Article: If You Get a Request for Records – Respond!

The Chiropractic Summit Documentation Committee is pleased to release its most recent article (#17) entitled If You Get a Request for Records – Respond! (Part 3 of a series related to Medicare Documentation errors).

Kindly distribute to all constituents of your organization, association or college. The article may also be accessed and viewed on the Chiropractic Summit website at Chiropractic Summit Article.



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The continued growth of the F4CP is dependent upon more doctors getting involved. All of the monthly contributors can be found at the WEBSITE. Encourage your list of contacts to join you in support of the profession's successful positive press campaign. Forward this newsletter to them. This campaign is making a difference by informing patients everywhere about the benefits of chiropractic care!!