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Press Update

Just Distributed: The F4CP is pleased to share the recent distribution of three new press releases, please click the links below to read the complete releases. These releases have been distributed to thousands of prominent publications nationwide and will help contribute to the billions of media impressions generated each year by the F4CP.

  1. Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Supports Research Documented by Parker University - View Release
  2. Garrett Gunderson Donates Valuable Artwork to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress - View Release
  3. Reports Indicate Co-Managed Care Popular Among Older Adults with Low Back Pain - View Release

In addition to the press releases, the F4CP has officially distributed the TV PSA featuring former Olympian, Picabo Street. This TV PSA was distributed to over 1,000 stations and is expected to generate millions of impressions over the next few months. To watch the TV PSA, Click here.

Media Coverage: Just recently, F4CP spokesperson, General Becky Halstead (ret.), was a guest on the syndicated show, A Healthy You, hosted by Carol Alt. Alt has supported the F4CP as well, as a participant in the recognized champion ad series.

To view the segment with General Halstead and Carol Alt, Click here.

To view the F4CP champion ad series, Click here.

General Halstead Launches New Book

General Halstead (ret.) has launched her new book, "24/7: The First Person You Must Lead Is You," in which she details her professional experience and provides 30 Leadership Principles applicable to all readers. In Leadership Principle 18 (pp. 182-193), General Halstead provides an account of her battle with chronic fibromyalgia. She credits chiropractic care as a significant contributor to her recovery - which has allowed her to live mostly pain-free without the use of any medications. Within this chapter, General Halstead also recognizes her role as an F4CP spokesperson.

To order a copy of General Halstead's book, please Click here.

F4CP Issues 2013 PR Report

The F4CP has officially released its 2013 PR Report. This document details media coverage generated by the F4CP in 2013. Although several reports (17) are still rolling in, readers can expect to be impressed with and educated about the many accomplishments of the F4CP. The F4CP team is predicting that the total coverage generated in 2013 will surpass the 31 billion impressions tracked in 2012. As the F4CP receives additional reports, the PR Report will be updated.

To download the 2013 PR Report, please click here.

Is Your Vendor a Supporter?

While the F4CP does a great job in stretching the dollars it receives for public relations, it is a known fact that with added support more can be accomplished. The F4CP relies on doctors in the field, along with vendors, state associations and colleges, to support and fuel its successful, positive press campaign.

Is your vendor, state association and/or college standing up in support of chiropractic and the F4CP campaign? Presently, there are several within each category that support the F4CP, but not all. Review the list of F4CP progress partners HERE, and be sure to click vendor logos to visit individual websites. If you are involved with any of the listed partners, send them a note of thanks. If you notice certain groups that are not included on the list, send them a note of encouragement. If you need additional information to send to a particular group, contact Marta Cerdan at Marta@foundation4cp.com.

Major Publications Publicize Support of F4CP

In the January 1st issue of Dynamic Chiropractic, publisher, Don Petersen authors, "Seven Years of Hard Work," in his report of findings, which details the mission and history of the F4CP. Within the article, it cites the billions of positive impressions generated by the F4CP, as well as several unique opportunities presented to the profession by the F4CP. Below are a few excerpts from the exceptional editorial:

7 Years Hardwork

To read the piece in its entirety, pleaase click here.

Athletic TIPS™ Gains Endorsements

In recent issues of Dynamic Chiropractic and Chiropractic Economics, front-page stories were featured that promoted the new F4CP program, Athletic TIPS™. Please read excerpts from the supportive editorials below.

"The TIPS program focuses on the recognition, management and prevention of sports-related injuries, as well as general health and performance enhancement."

"As part of its effort to make the TIPS program a success, the foundation has asked Ed Goren, former vice chairman of Fox Sports Media Group, to help introduce the program within the major sports market."

"What I like about [TIPS] is that it's grassroots. It encompasses all of the elements: it's the young athletes, it's their parents, it's the coaches, trainers; and it’s a hands-on program that really is just the right message, the right program, and certainly at the right time."

To read the Dynamic Chiropractic article in its entirety, please click here.

"A new program focused on community chiropractic education could be a catalyst for the profession."

"You know the numbers: Virtually everyone who breaks a bone will see an orthopedic surgeon. Everyone with a toothache will see a dentist. And everyone with an eye problem will see an ophthalmologist. But of those with back pain and musculoskeletal conditions, only about 8 percent of adults and 3 percent of children will visit a chiropractor. The percentage of Americans who could benefit from chiropractic is unquestionably larger than the number currently receiving it. The need is there. The solution may now be at hand."

"TIPS is in its first stages and has room to grow exponentially. Those who support the program now stand to gain considerable rewards in the future."

To read the Chiropractic Economics article in its entirety, please click here.

New Testimonials

As mentioned in earlier issues, former NFL great and current TV personality, Michael Strahan, has given his endorsement of Athletic TIPS™ as part of a 15-minute video that includes excerpts from a recent community workshop. The community workshop was sponsored by the F4CP and the Miami Dolphins on October 29, 2013 at Sun Life stadium in Miami, FL. Also included within the video were comments from two professional football players, the head athletic trainer and a number of impressed attendees. To watch the video in its shortest format, please click here.

In addition to celebrity athletes lending their support to Athletic TIPS™, many chiropractic sports organizations have done the same, including ProSport and ACA Sports Council. Both organizations are working with Athletic TIPS™ to secure a certification seminar at their upcoming functions.

If your organization is interested in learning more about Athletic TIPS™ and partnership opportunities, please contact Lauren Kennedy at lkennedy@cpronline.com.

Athletic TIPS™ Inaugural Seminar a HIT!

Athletic TIPS™ is proud to share that it hosted its inaugural certification seminar on January 8, 2014 in Las Vegas. Athletic TIPS™ seminars are conducted to train doctors of chiropractic on how to conduct community workshops, on a variety of topics, in their local community. Over 60 doctors from all over the country, many of whom were sponsored by state associations and colleges, attended the eight-hour program. Those who attended are now required to complete several minor next steps in order to receive official certification and approval to schedule community workshops for athletic trainers, parents, coaches and others. Athletic TIPS™ will supports its certified trainers in all aspects related to the conduction of community workshops and in networking with local sports-related organizations.

Athletic TIPS™ would like to extend a sincere thank you to the sponsors, listed below, that made this certification seminar possible.

Foot Levelers
Standard Process
Multi Radiance Medical
Performance Health
Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

Sponsorships ranged from $15k-50k and will apply to all 10 certification seminars in 2014. If you know of a group interested in sponsoring Athletic TIPS™, please contact Lauren Kennedy at lkennedy@cpronline.com.

MAC Increases Annual Contribution

Breaking News: The Michigan Association of Chiropractors has just become the highest monthly contributors among state associations. Its board of directors has recently approved an increase from $1,700 a month to $2,510. Its total contributions, including its 2014 annual contribution, are an impressive $92,400.

The Florida Chiropractic Association is not far behind, with a higher cumulative contribution of $162,800, but monthly contributions in the amount of $2,500.

Other recent, significant contributions included a $10,000 contribution from Judi and Dr. Arlan Fuhr from Activator, bringing the company’s total contributions to $15,000.

Parker Activities a Success

The F4CP recently participated at Parker Seminars, January 9-11, 2014, in Las Vegas. During the event, the F4CP sponsored a 90-minute program, led by Kent Greenawalt and Drs. Fab Mancini and Matt Hubbard, arranged for a Dillard’s boutique, hosted multiple raffles and coordinated a photo session with former NFL great, Dwight Clark, known for “The Catch.” In addition to these activities, the F4CP had a booth in the exhibit hall for attendees to learn more about the organization.

Dwight Clark, recognized for making “The Catch” for the San Francisco 49ers in the final minutes to win the NFL championship game against the Cowboys in 1982, participated in the 90-minute program prior to his photo session and shared with attendees his unique and very positive experience with chiropractic as an athlete. Clark also mentioned that when he completed his football career and entered management with the 49ers that one of his first actions was bringing chiropractic doctors into the 49ers facility. Prior to this, doctors of chiropractic were not authorized to treat within the facility and players had to go outside to receive treatment. Fortunately, since Clark stepped into management, doctors of chiropractic have remained a part of the 49ers healthcare team.

Special Thanks! Throughout the event, Parker University and many of its speakers promoted the F4CP - including WNBA Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman, who gave a warm endorsement and signed two basketballs for the F4CP to raffle. Lieberman participated in an F4CP TV PSA in 2013, which was played during her main session at Parker Seminars, and can be viewed at: here.

Other prominent speakers and leaders who encouraged doctors to visit the F4CP booth, and deserve to be recognized are:

Dr. Brian McAulay
Dr. Fab Mancini
Dr. Dan Murphy
Dr. Francis Murphy
Dr. Terry Yochum
Dr. Kevin Wong

The F4CP would also like to extend a sincere thank you to the World Congress of Women Chiropractors, which allowed F4CP material to be distributed to its lunch attendees and hosted General Halstead as one of its speakers.

F4CP Board Appoints Michele Maiers, DC, MPH

Dr. Michele Maiers, associate professor and faculty member of the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy at Northwestern Health Sciences University, was recently appointed to the F4CP board as its newest member. Dr. Maiers will bring to the position a broad background on health policy and chiropractic research, which will help to support material produced for public distribution by the F4CP. For a complete list of F4CP board members, visit: F4CP Board.

Membership Benefit of the Month
January Spotlight: F4CP E-Newsletters

DID YOU KNOW as an F4CP contributor, you are eligible to receive monthly e-newsletters? All e-newsletters provide the latest details about the F4CP, Athletic TIPS™ and activities involving the chiropractic profession. Included within each e-newsletter are updates on positive press material, media coverage and effective use, as well as information about upcoming events within the employer and chiropractic community. The F4CP also highlights various membership benefits in each issue and communicates how to take advantage of all. The monthly F4CP e-newsletter is the perfect tool to share with friends, family and others - especially when trying to encourage support of the F4CP.

For more information about monthly e-newsletters or to add an individual to the distribution list, please contact Marta Cerdan at Marta@foundation4cp.com.



Kent S. Greenawalt

Don Petersen
Gerard Clum DC
Dwayne Bennett
Joe Doyle
J. Michael Flynn DC
Marshall Dahneke
Charles DuBois
Fabrizio Mancini DC
Thomas Klapp DC
Carol Ann Malizia DC
Mark Sanna DC
Mickey Burt DC
Earl DeCarli
William Meeker DC
Lance Cohen DC
Greg Harris
Michele Maiers DC

Garrett Cuneo
Lauren Kennedy
Marta Cerdan

The continued growth of the F4CP is dependent upon more doctors getting involved. All of the monthly contributors can be found at the WEBSITE. Encourage your list of contacts to join you in support of the profession's successful positive press campaign. Forward this newsletter to them. This campaign is making a difference by informing patients everywhere about the benefits of chiropractic care!!