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Have You Expressed Gratitude?

F4CP vendor partners are supporting YOU and the chiropractic profession. In January, the F4CP urged you to visit its partnership page and send special thanks to those included with which you have a direct connection. The F4CP also encouraged product purchasing, when possible. The F4CP believes it is important that more doctors and staff within the chiropractic profession thank and support those organizations contributing to the continued success of chiropractic.

Already, several individuals have sent notes of appreciation to partners of the F4CP. These small tokens of appreciation have great impact - demonstrating to F4CP partners that their support is valued and proving the gratitude of F4CP to its partners.

Please, the next time you are about to make a purchase, consider choosing a company listed as a partner at: www.F4CP.com. If you have recently submitted a note of appreciation to an F4CP partner, please contact Marta Cerdan at: marta@foundation4cp.com.

Share the Chiropractic Stories of Several Olympians

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are finally here, and that means, it is time for YOU to share with the world the many advantages chiropractic care offers to athletes.

The F4CP plans to share this news as well, through the placement of two relevant ads in The Wall Street Journal and distribution of a TV PSA, to over 1,000 stations, that features Olympian, Picabo Street. All items mentioned are placed below for review.

Caitlin Cahow Jon and Darla Montgomery Melissa Hoar

Olympic Ice Hockey Player
Caitlin Cahow

Canadian Skeleton
Racing Champions
Jon and Darla Montgomery

Skeleton Racer and
Palmer West Chiropractic Student Melissa Hoar

Allison Jones Allison Jones Sochi Olympics

Olympic Ski Champion
Picabo Street

Skiing and Cycling Paralympic Champion
Allison Jones

Sochi Ad

As an F4CP member, these items are available to YOU for personalization and promotion. All you need to do is create and access your personal account on www.F4CP.com and download the items above.

Not yet a member, click here to learn more and join today.

Learn the Benefits of Membership

It is surprising the number of contributing doctors who are unaware of the many membership benefits. By supporting the F4CP monthly, you:

Support Chiro
  1. Generate positive press for the chiropractic profession
  2. Gain access to press materials and supportive resources
  3. Become eligible to attend an Athletic TIPS™ certification seminar

If you are a supporter who has yet to take advantage of utilizing the F4CP press materials, now is the time to start. Internal marketing is key to many successful practices. All available press materials are ideal for the following:

  • Placement on your website and social media outlets
  • Framing in your reception and/or treatment rooms
  • Playing in your reception area
  • Distributing to your patients and community members

To view and/or download press materials, visit: www.F4CP.com.

Athletic TIPS™ Launches Website

Athletic TIPS™ will officially debut its website: www.TIPS4Sports.org, this week. The site will host a collection of educational material, details about the latest community workshops and up-to-date media clips that showcase celebrity support. The site is still being populated with information, but please monitor its progress.

Athletic TIPS™ is also on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/

Get Ready for New Ads

Focus groups are an important part of testing the messages conveyed in political and marketing campaigns. As the F4CP shifts to a more aggressive advertising campaign, that encourages patients to seek chiropractic care, focus groups have been conducted to determine which messaging and ads are most effective. Thus far, the F4CP has conducted focus groups on the East and West Coasts, and plans to schedule several more within the upcoming weeks. The result of these discussions will be the release of new F4CP ads - which will all be made available to monthly contributors. Upon completion, the new ads will be published on the F4CP website and Facebook, and in future e-newsletters.

Please find one of the many new ads, which will be revealed in the upcoming weeks, below.

Consider Chiro

New Membership Directory On Its Way!

Great news!! As an additional membership benefit, the F4CP will launch an online membership directory that provides patients with a simple way to connect to local doctors of chiropractic. The directory will exclusively include F4CP monthly contributors. Those contributors at $25/month will receive a premier listing that includes a personal profile page. The F4CP expects the directory to be completed by the close of April. Once completed, all F4CP ads will include the following text:

To find a doctor of chiropractic in your local area, visit: www.F4CP.com.

Don’t miss your chance to be listed within the new directory. If you are not yet a monthly contributor, sign up at: F4CP Sign Up Online.

Standard Process Supports Chiropractic

Standard Process has been very generous in supporting the F4CP, with its annual contribution of at least $100,000 and additional donations made by distributors (below) exceeding $35,000. In addition to these contributions, Standard Process and Dr. Bruce Bond have agreed to donate a portion of sales generated by Dr. Bond's book, "Practicing with Excellence and Integrity: How to Take Your Practice from Good to Great." In total, the joint fundraising effort has resulted in an extra $16,045 donated to the F4CP.

To purchase a copy of the book, call Standard Process at 800-558-8740.

Standard Process Distributors Committed to Chiropractic

In 2013, several distributors of Standard Process contributed to the F4CP in an effort to help generate additional positive press for the chiropractic profession. Those supporting distributors deserve to be recognized. As mentioned in the beginning of this e-newsletter, the F4CP encourages you to thank and shop with all of its esteemed partners, including those listed below.

Contributing Standard Process distributors include:

Comprehensive Nutrition, Inc.
Mid-Atlantic SP Nutritional Resources, Inc.
New England Nutritional Services, Inc.
Standard Process Nutrition Northeast, Inc.
Standard Process Nutrition of Southeast Michigan, Inc.
Standard Process NW, Inc.
Standard Process of Central Florida, Inc.
Standard Process of Central Texas, Inc.
Standard Process of Kansas-Western Missouri, Inc.
Standard Process of North Carolina, Inc.
Standard Process of North Texas, Inc.
Standard Process of Ohio, Inc.
Standard Process of Pennsylvania, Inc.
Standard Process of South Florida, Inc.
Standard Process Resources, Inc.
Standard Process South Inc.
Standard Process Southeast, Inc.
Standard Process Southwest Nutrition, Inc.
Therapeutic Nutritional Services, Inc.

FCA Connects with Influencers at NBCH Conference

Last weekend, the F4CP was invited to participate in the three-day National Health Leadership Council, sponsored by the not-for-profit National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH). The NBCH has a membership of 53 coalitions across the U.S. representing over 7,000 employers and approximately 25 million employees and their dependents. NBCH member coalitions are committed to community health reform, including an improvement in the value of healthcare provided through employer-sponsored health plans and to the entire community.

Since the F4CP is a member of the NBCH, it received several free registration passes and two nights lodging for the recent function. The F4CP extended its invites to the Florida Chiropractic Association, who decided to send Dr. Soloman as its representative. Dr. Soloman returned with an exceptional report. In addition to interacting with national figures, including a representative from Disney and NCQA, he also made a connection with the Florida Health Care Coalition, which indicated an interest in working with local doctors of chiropractic. As developments occur, the FCA and Dr. Soloman will keep all informed.

The F4CP plans to approach more state associations and colleges with the opportunity to attend an employer event and/or become more closely involved with its employer initiatives. The opportunities for doctors of chiropractic within this sector are plentiful, and the F4CP is pleased to get others involved.

Experts Offer Practice Management Tips

As promised, the F4CP will include a special section that highlights practice management tips provided by experts on the F4CP Board and within the chiropractic profession. The F4CP trusts these tips will be helpful for the development and improvement of practices. This month's tips are provided from F4CP board member, Dr. Mike Flynn.

"The mindset of a successful practice has in the forefront the best interest of the patient. My dad who began practice in 1954 reminded me early and often that every patient should be considered and cared for as family - from the loving grandmother to the crazy uncle. When your patients are considered as an extension of family it allows your compassion for them to shine. Every week we send out post cards to patients we have not seen in a while. The post card has the date of their last visit with the message, 'It may be time for an adjustment. Your body has a way of talking to you - listen well.'"

If you would like a copy of the post card used, please send me an email with your address and I will mail one to you - dr.jmflynn@gmail.com.

Membership Benefit of the Month
February Spotlight: F4CP E-Newsletters

DID YOU KNOW as an F4CP contributor, you are eligible to receive monthly e-newsletters? All e-newsletters provide the latest details about the F4CP, Athletic TIPS™ and activities involving the chiropractic profession. Included within each e-newsletter are updates on positive press material, media coverage and effective use, as well as information about upcoming events within the employer and chiropractic community. The F4CP also highlights various membership benefits in each issue and communicates how to take advantage of all. The monthly F4CP e-newsletter is the perfect tool to share with friends, family and others – especially when trying to encourage support of the F4CP.

Did you Miss the Last Couple of Issues of the Newsletter? If so, visit: Newsletter Archive to download issues dating back to 2009.

The F4CP encourages you to share e-newsletters with your peers, especially non-contributors, to inform them of recent activities.



Kent S. Greenawalt

Don Petersen
Gerard Clum DC
Dwayne Bennett
Joe Doyle
J. Michael Flynn DC
Marshall Dahneke
Charles DuBois
Fabrizio Mancini DC
Thomas Klapp DC
Carol Ann Malizia DC
Mark Sanna DC
Mickey Burt DC
Earl DeCarli
William Meeker DC
Lance Cohen DC
Greg Harris
Michele Maiers DC

Garrett Cuneo
Lauren Kennedy
Marta Cerdan

The continued growth of the F4CP is dependent upon more doctors getting involved. All of the monthly contributors can be found at the WEBSITE. Encourage your list of contacts to join you in support of the profession's successful positive press campaign. Forward this newsletter to them. This campaign is making a difference by informing patients everywhere about the benefits of chiropractic care!!