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F4CP Ad to Appear in Wall Street Journal

The ad below will appear this month in the Wall Street Journal.


Notice the promotion of the F4CP directory? This ad should appear in every newspaper nationwide, and not just once. Keep reading to learn how you can place this ad in your local paper with your clinic's information.

New F4CP Ads Available

This summer, the F4CP -- with the help of ChiroTouch and Dynamic Chiropractic's marketing affiliate, Modality Partners -- produced over 25 new advertisements to be made available to F4CP members. All ads promote the new F4CP directory, and several will be featured in the Wall Street Journal and other publications. The F4CP hopes that its members will take advantage of the new ads, which were designed with the intent of driving new patients to chiropractic offices nationwide. Click Here to view all of the new ads within the presentation.

All F4CP members are entitled to access and use these ads, along with all other marketing material, for personal promotional purposes.

September Debut: Marketing Material Promoting National Directory

Over the last few months, the F4CP has produced several public service announcements and print advertorials that complement its aggressive advertising campaign in the Wall Street Journal and other publications. The new material will be distributed nationwide to thousands of publications and stations. Please view several of the newest advertorials and public service announcements below.

Reduce Surgery Fit Living Surgery
TV PSA: Chiropractic Care
& Headaches
TV PSA: Doctors of Chiropractic
Offer Tips for Good Posture

As you may have noticed, all new material includes promotion of the F4CP national directory of doctors - allowing consumers to easily locate local doctors of chiropractic by city, state or zip code. Visit the new directory at: www.F4CP.org/findadoctor.

The F4CP is in the final testing phase with its directory. If you notice an error with your listing, please access your F4CP account to submit corrections.

Expand Your Presence in the National Directory

The F4CP has just unveiled its online directory this week. The new directory provides the public with an easy way to search for local doctors of chiropractic. As a member of the F4CP, your name and contact information will be on the directory. If you are a contributor of $25 per month or more, you also receive a complimentary profile, which allows you to add more information about you and your practice.

If you are an F4CP member, several fields, including your name and contact information (office address, phone number and business email) have already been activated in the directory. This information was extrapolated from your initial pledge sheet. If the F4CP does not have your address, you will not be listed in the directory until you add your information in your account online.

To edit any contact information, please access your personal account via the F4CP website (www.f4cp.com). Click “Sign In” (an account has already been created for you) and then click “Forgot My Password” and enter your email address. An email will be sent to you to create a password. Please access your account, at your earliest, to confirm all contact information is complete and up-to-date.

F4CP Produces First Infographic

The F4CP has added another weapon to its positive press campaign – an infographic. A well-designed infographic helps to communicate topics in a captivating manner. Infographics are another method for generating positive press about chiropractic and directly complement campaign activities, such as social media. View the new F4CP infographic below.


For coverage details, please read next month’s e-newsletter. Thanks!

F4CP Freshens Up Website

Great news!! The F4CP website has just undergone a complete makeover, making it easier than ever to browse through F4CP material.

At your earliest, visit www.F4CP.com to check out popular sections, including the:

See something you like, share it right through social media.

Have a comment or question about the new design, please contact Mary Anne at Maryanne@foundation4cp.com. Enjoy!

Recommend One Update

Recommend One, the latest F4CP campaign that encourages doctors to recommend a career in chiropractic, continues to gather support. In addition to national support provided by the ICA, ACA, ACC and COSCA, Recommend One has gained the support of several state associations. Most recently, the California Chiropractic Association has communicated its support of the campaign.

As reported earlier, General Becky Halstead will unveil Recommend One during the plenary session, Saturday, August 23rd, at the Florida Chiropractic Association National Convention & Expo in Orlando, Florida. As part of the General's presentation, top recruiting doctors will be recognized, and receive follow up recognition in chiropractic publications. Chiropractic colleges nationwide selected those doctors being recognized.

Athletic TIPS™ Educates AYSO Coaches

July marked an important month for the F4CP in its relations with the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), the largest, national youth soccer organization with over 55,000 teams and 500,000 players. AYSO is affiliated with Fox Sports, which will sponsor the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups.

The F4CP established its relationship with AYSO through Ed Goren, former vice chairman of Fox Sports Media Group.

In early July, Drs. Mindy Mar and Sherry McAllister presented information on proper nutrition to over 300 AYSO coaches in two separate locations in Southern California. Later that month, Dr. Mindy Mar presented information about dehydration and heat-related conditions to an AYSO sports camp, which included about 60 adolescents.

This month, the AYSO has scheduled another Athletic TIPS™ workshop about concussions and dehydration for its region in West Palm Beach, FL. The Athletic TIPS™ workshop is scheduled for August 28th and will run about 60 minutes. Following this workshop, AYSO has committed to scheduling an additional four Athletic TIPS™ workshops in various locations across the country.

These opportunities showcase the ability of Athletic TIPS™ to provide useful information to AYSO coaches, helping them serve athletes better. The F4CP is confident that at the conclusion of these workshops, a formal agreement will be established with AYSO. Read future e-newsletters for additional details.

2014 Athletic TIPS Certification Seminars™

Becoming an Athletic TIPS-Certified Instructor™ is simple - all doctors must join the F4CP at $25 a month, participate in all four seminar modules and provide adequate practice and insurance documentation. These requirements have been established to protect Athletic TIPS™ sponsors and yourself.

There are several certification seminars coming up.

The Florida Chiropractic Association will offer an eight-hour Athletic TIPS Certification Seminar™ at its 2014 National Convention & Expo, August 21-24, 2014. View the complete schedule and register here: Register Here.

The California Chiropractic Association will offer an eight-hour Athletic TIPS Certification Seminar™ at its 2014 Sports Symposium, September 5-7, 2014. View the complete schedule and register here: Register Here.

The fina Athletic TIPS Certification Seminar™ of 2014 will be held in conjunction with the 2014 ACA Sports Council Symposium, October 2-5, 2014. View the complete schedule and register here: Register Here.

Don’t forget to become certified, you must join the F4CP.

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Membership Benefit of the Month

August Spotlight: Using F4CP Marketing Material

DID YOU KNOW the F4CP strongly encourages its members to personalize and utilize its material locally? For those members in need of a step-by-step guide, please access your personal F4CP account and download the Membership Toolkit. For questions, please contact Marta at Marta@foundation4cp.com.



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The continued growth of the F4CP is dependent upon more doctors getting involved. All of the monthly contributors can be found at the WEBSITE. Encourage your list of contacts to join you in support of the profession's successful positive press campaign. Forward this newsletter to them. This campaign is making a difference by informing patients everywhere about the benefits of chiropractic care!!