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Happy Holidays!

As the holiday season approaches, the F4CP would like to wish you and your family a season filled with good health, joy and memorable moments.

Happy Thanksgiving

F4CP Takes New Direction Thanks to Focus Groups

During the month of October, the F4CP conducted focus groups on the East and West Coast to test new advertisement concepts. Each focus group consisted of 10-12 participants with an appropriate mix of male/female, age and other demographic considerations. The group in New Jersey was conducted by Laura and Joe Carabello of CPR Communications, an agency that provides its services pro bono, and by Don Petersen, president of MPA Media, in California. Each group was presented with a number of ad concepts that incorporated more aggressive messaging aimed to increase visits to a chiropractic office. Furthermore, the groups were requested to comment on personal chiropractic experience and terminology associated with the profession.

The combined results were surprisingly interesting. Please review the PowerPoint presentation which details the results of the survey here: View Survey.

While the ads that the F4CP currently places have had much success in boosting the visibility and credibility of the profession, they haven't driven consumers to doctors' offices in the degree desired. The F4CP is determined to meet this goal, and these focus groups helped to establish the best approach to do so.

After the F4CP board received and reviewed the results of the focus groups, it was agreed that a new set of ads will be developed and tested to further identify the most effective approach. The reason the F4CP feels strongly about moving its campaign in a slightly different direction is solely based on public impact – the greater the impact, the more success achieved for the chiropractic profession and most significantly patients who deserve the care that only a doctor of chiropractic can provide.

F4CP Makes an Impact at COCSA

The F4CP attended the annual meeting of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, November 7-9, 2013, in Seattle, WA. There were over 140 executive directors and state leaders in attendance. The F4CP had numerous opportunities to address the attendees and promote its activities at the complimentary booth received.

During COCSA, the F4CP also had several opportunities to present the results of its recent focus groups to leadership. The first presentation was made to the Chiropractic Summit, followed by a second to attending state association representatives. Both presentations were very well accepted. The Summit had expressed interest in the focus groups at an earlier meeting, and made the request that particular branding ideas be tested.

Supporters Receive Special Recognition at COCSA

The F4CP has been successful in gaining the financial support of all national associations and over 90 percent of state associations, as well as the chiropractic colleges and vendors. At the Foot Levelers luncheon, held during COCSA, the F4CP gave special recognition to three exceptionally supportive state associations. The following individuals were each presented with a special plaque that recognized the substantial support of the F4CP from their organization.

  • Kris Dowell, executive director, Michigan Associations of Chiropractors
  • Kathy Chittom, executive director, Chiropractic Association of Louisiana
  • Dr. Art Levine, past president, Florida Chiropractic Association
Motions Made by Chiropractic Summit

During COCSA, the Summit held its quarterly meeting, which brought together 40 national organizations, including the ACA, ICA, ACC and others. Those in attendance represented the entire spectrum of the profession. For years, it has met to share common issues and resolve disputes arising between the various groups. Its impact is significant. Through its collaborative efforts, specifically around the Obama healthcare battle that continues today, significant changes to the law have occurred in support of chiropractic.

Below is a list of motions passed by the Summit at the recent meeting.

  • Summit Promotes Drug-Free Approach: The drug issue is a non-issue because no chiropractic organization in the Summit promotes the inclusion of prescription drug rights and all chiropractic organizations in the Summit support the drug-free approach to healthcare.
  • Summit Supports the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE): The Summit fully supports the continued recognition of CCE. Even though there are some issues of concern remaining, such as CCE's governance model, many good things have occurred the last couple of years. In addition, CCE has agreed to carefully review governance models for possible improvements beginning in 2014 in connection with the Summit Roundtable.
  • In addition, the Summit voted unanimously to reaffirm its support of CCE before the Department of Education's (DOE) National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) this December.

  • Marketing Language: After multiple focus groups, the following marketing language was passed: The Summit acknowledges the concepts of spinal health and well-being as credible marketing messages and we encourage further efforts to refine and test such efforts.
F4CP Reaches 70,000

Last week, the F4CP distributed an email to over 70,000 individuals within the chiropractic profession that encouraged membership and use of F4CP marketing materials. Please download and share the email below with your contacts.

Share Chiropractic with Your Community

General Halstead Announces New Book

F4CP spokesperson, Retired Brig. Gen. Becky Halstead, founder of STEADFAST Leadership LLC, recently announced the publication of her book, "24/7: The First Person You Must Lead is YOU," (January 2014, ISBN-13: 978-1451592870). Halstead addresses the importance of leading yourself to wellness as part of your daily battle rhythm, and credits chiropractic for providing drug-free relief for her debilitating fibromyalgia and chronic pain symptoms.

"Becky Halstead's first book is the culmination of her extraordinary years spent leading change and building successful teams in demanding environments," says Kent S. Greenawalt, chairman, F4CP. "While her struggle with fibromyalgia shortened her career, chiropractic improved her health significantly, eliminated her fatigue and positively impacted her emotional and mental fitness, and put her back at the front-lines - this time as an inspirational speaker. I'm confident her book will spark substantial personal and professional growth for everyone who reads it."

The first female West Point graduate in U.S. history to command at the strategic level in Iraq and Afghanistan, Halstead was devastated when the relentless symptoms of fibromyalgia forced her into early retirement.

"The numerous pain medications prescribed to me only masked the symptoms without resolving the underlying issues," Halstead said. "I sought out private care and was introduced to chiropractic, which improved my entire outlook on fibromyalgia. With the help of chiropractic, I was finally able to return to a normal life, free of pains and prescription dependency. I urge anyone desiring a greater quality of life to make chiropractic a part of their healthcare."

Greenawalt adds, "Becky is a very effective and important spokesperson, who continues to inspire the chiropractic profession and public alike through her presentations."

For more information and to purchase her book, visit beckyhalstead.com.

All-Star F4CP Emissaries

The F4CP would like to extend a sincere Thank You to the following emissaries:

Dr. Bobby Lynch, Maine
Dr. Charlie Keller, New York
Dr. Rodney Williams, Arkansas
Dr. Rose Lepien, Oklahoma
Dr. Jeff Fedorko, Ohio

These doctors have gone above-and-beyond in demonstrating their support of the F4CP and chiropractic profession. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an F4CP emissary, please contact Dr. Mike Flynn at dr.jmflynn@gmail.com.

F4CP Receives Special Donation from Garrett Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson, president of Freedom FastTrack, has been an early supporter of the F4CP and recently increased his support with a donation of valuable artwork. The art has been appraised in the amount of $99,125. While the F4CP is required by law to hold the donation for a period of time, it will provide another opportunity for continued success in the future. If you wish to learn more about Dr. Gunderson and his company please visit: freedomfasttrack.com. THANK YOU, GARRETT!

Membership Benefit of the Month

November Spotlight: NEW Educational Newsletters

DID YOU KNOW as an F4CP contributor, you are able to utilize and personalize educational newsletters at no additional cost? Just recently, the F4CP has completed the sixth issue of its newsletter series designed for state legislators and/or prospective patients. Each issue contains several F4CP press releases, print advertorials and advertisements, which communicate pertinent information about the chiropractic profession. Newsletters are not time sensitive and can be personalized to include contact information and a brief update of the state association and/or individual doctor. F4CP requests the opportunity to review all added editorial content prior to use.

Please find several issues of the newsletter below. If interested in reading additional issues, please visit: State Newsletters.

Newsletter 1

Newsletter 2

Issue 1

Issue 2

Two Ads Appear in ONE Day!

Earlier this month, while the F4CP attended chiropractic functions, two of its ads appeared in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Please see the ads and run dates below.

Newsletter 1

Newsletter 2

November 4, 2013
USA Today (page 7A)

November 4, 2013
The Wall Street Journal (page C2)

LAST Webinar on Sports Chiropractic – Register Today

In honor of the latest F4CP program, Athletic TIPS, a webinar series on sports chiropractic is being carried out through December. This special series is FREE to all interested individuals.

Dr. Spencer Baron, team doctor, Miami Dolphins, and Dr. Alan Sokoloff, team doctor, Baltimore Ravens, are excited to present the brand new sports chiropractic series. If you are interested in learning more about the ins and outs of the industry, be sure to attend the program below.

Part III: Game Day: Survive the Training Room and On The Field
Date: December 3, 2013
Time: 1 PM ET
Register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8375711595410520576

  1. Preparation -- What should you do before, during and after?
  2. Communication -- What are the essential forms?
  3. Documentation Techniques -- What are the best methods?
  4. TEAMWORK -- What is its importance on the field?

At the close of each 30-minute program, attendees will be able to pose questions relative to sports chiropractic and personal experiences. The F4CP looks forward to your participation.

For questions about F4CP webinars, contact Lauren Kennedy at: LKennedy@cpronline.com.



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The continued growth of the F4CP is dependent upon more doctors getting involved. All of the monthly contributors can be found at the WEBSITE. Encourage your list of contacts to join you in support of the profession's successful positive press campaign. Forward this newsletter to them. This campaign is making a difference by informing patients everywhere about the benefits of chiropractic care!!