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New MD/DC Ad Has Major Impact

On February 22nd, The Wall Street Journal featured the quarter-page F4CP ad below:


This ad also appeared in
The Wall Street Journal on March 4, 2013
and USA Today on March 12, 2013.

The F4CP placed this ad based on the premise that it reinforced its new theme: "Try Chiropractic First," and because it conveyed a positive relationship between healthcare professionals. The unexpected: This ad would become the topic of a business class at Harvard University.

Dr. Jack Christie, a long time contributor to the F4CP, called to express his thanks and increase his monthly contribution. Dr. Christie served as chairman of the commission of education for George Bush when he was governor of Texas, and today is a member of the Houston City Council. While attending a business course at Harvard, on behalf of the City Council, Dr. Christie mentioned that the professor would read from The Wall Street Journal each day. Noticing the F4CP ad, a discussion ensued about chiropractic to which the professor asked Dr. Christie about care for his son with health issues. Dr. Christie referred him to a D.C. and later was thanked by the professor for the referral and the results his son achieved.

Bonus: If you are attempting to strengthen or build a relationship with the medical professionals in your community, consider sharing this ad and a number of research-oriented press releases. View a suggested link at: F4CP Press Releases

Below is a suggested list:

2013 Press Releases

2012 Press Releases

F4CP March Ad Campaign Assists NCLC Lobbying Efforts

During the first two weeks of March, chiropractic students and doctors from throughout the country visited Washington D.C. to lobby key chiropractic legislation. This year, the NCLC function was sponsored jointly by: ACA, ICA, COSCA and ACC. The cooperation of all of these groups guaranteed a record-breaking crowd representing the chiropractic profession. The F4CP also played a part in increasing the chiropractic "buzz" in the capital district.

Jerry Rice

Traditionally, the F4CP will place four national ads monthly. During March, the F4CP placed five ads in the first two weeks - in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Roll Call - to support lobbying efforts. The F4CP ad in Roll Call, a prominent niche publication read by all staff and members of Congress, featured Jerry Rice and the following statement: "Welcome doctors of chiropractic and students attending the National Chiropractic Legislative Conference, March 6-10, 2013." Copies of the ad were made available to attendees prior to lobbying activities. The F4CP also received very positive comments by Congressman Bill Enyart (12th District Illinois) and Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), chair of the Special Senate Committee on Aging and senior member of the Armed Services Committee, regarding the effectiveness of the ads.

In the past, the F4CP has placed ads in Washington D.C. around the time of NCLC, but it has been a few years since there was this much concentration. Prior to this, the last time occurred during the nine month debate over Obama Care - the F4CP spent the equivalent of $1 million in advertising within Politico, Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. At the time, lobbyists from other groups noted the effectiveness of these ads.

F4CP TIPS Program a Highlight of NCLC

This year, the F4CP and its TIPS team partnered with the ACA's Educational Symposium in the presentation of the workshop: "Chiropractic: Changing the Face of Sports Performance," held on March 8, 2013 at 5:00 PM. The educational materials, Q&A session and engaging multimedia presented resulted in a memorable program. Joining the MC of the evening, Dr. Phil Santiago, were the following TIPS individuals: John Booty, former NFL athlete; Spencer Baron, team chiropractor of the Miami Dolphins; Alan Sokoloff, team chiropractor of the Baltimore Ravens; Jay Greenstein, chiropractor of the Washington Redskin Cheerleaders; and Hirad Bagy, team chiropractor of all pro-sports out of Washington D.C. The program featured an engaging panel discussion about sports chiropractic.

Overall, the program was very well-received and many attendees shared that it was among the highlights of their weekend experience. More on the exciting opportunities with the TIPS program will be forthcoming in the months ahead.

Find Out When and Where Your Logo Will Appear

As a token of appreciation for the support shown of the chiropractic vendor, state association and college communities, the F4CP will place its partnership ad (below) twice within the next few weeks. The logos of all F4CP supporters will appear in the ad featured in Chiropractic Economics on March 18, 2013 and Dynamic Chiropractic on April 1, 2013. Special thanks are extended to both publications for donating the ad space - which has been done for a number of years.

Below is the partnership ad:

Partnership Ad

Is your vendor, state association or college included? If not, find out why? For sponsorship packages, please contact Kristen Arthurs at Kristen@Foundation4cp.com.

Public Opinion of Chiropractic Improves

Great News: A recent Gallop Poll showed a four percent increase in public opinion regarding trust of the chiropractic profession. Although chiropractic still ranks below many other professions, it has shown steady increase over the last few years.

2009: 34 percent
2012: 38 percent

Is the F4CP partly responsible for the increase? You decide. The December 2012 poll was conducted by Gallop with USA Today, following one complete year of monthly chiropractic ads in both USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

F4CP Opinion: There are many things that frame the public view of the chiropractic profession, and once it is framed it is difficult to alter. However, the F4CP is noticing positive movement and it is reasonable to assume that the F4CP campaign – which increased positive impressions from 500 million to 31 billion in the past three years - has contributed to this improvement.

Discover Which Celebrities Will Appear in New TV PSAs

The F4CP has selected to produce 10 new TV public service announcements in 2013. The following spots are currently in production:

  • The Importance of Chiropractic at a Young Age: Mark Collins, former safety and cornerback in the NFL, played for the NY Giants, Kansas City Chiefs, the Green Bay Packers, and the Seattle Seahawks. While with the Giants, he was a two-time Super Bowl Champion. Collins will share his personal story on how fortunate he was to discover chiropractic care, during his high school years, and what this care has meant to his championship career.
  • Jerry Rice Scores: Hall of Fame and NFL all-pro wide receiver Jerry Rice, who won three Super Bowl rings playing for the San Francisco 49ers and an AFC Championship with the Oakland Raiders, discusses how chiropractic helped him to achieve his impressive career records that found him chosen as the greatest NFL player of all time.
  • Accomplishing Your Goals With Chiropractic Care: Picabo Street, former Olympian and World Championship medalist, talks about how chiropractic saved her career and improved her health - allowing her to compete at high levels.
  • Basketball Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman's Career-Saver: Also known as "Lady Magic," Lieberman is a true pioneer in women's sports. Her extensive resume includes: WNBA player, coach, general manager, broadcaster for ABC, NBC and ESPN, motivational speaker, author and the first female coach of a men's team under the NBA umbrella. Nancy will appear in a TV PSA that highlights her positive experience with chiropractic and return to health after a horrific auto accident.
  • Targeting Obesity with Chiropractic Care Shea Vaughn, mother of the famous actor Vince Vaughn, is a national wellness and fitness expert, master trainer and presenter, author and a recognized spokeswoman for helping others create individual and business well-being. Shea is also the founder of SheaNetics®, a doctor endorsed revolutionary lifestyle practice. Shea has been featured on countless major network morning and daytime TV shows. Shea will appear in a TV PSA that discusses the importance of chiropractic care as a fundamental component of wellness plans.
  • A Smarter Alternative to Treating Back Pain: Dr. Sokoloff is the reigning Super Bowl Champions – Baltimore Ravens – team chiropractor. He has served as team chiropractor for over ten years and will be getting his second Super Bowl ring. He will appear with one of his longtime patients, Naomi Morgan, in a TV PSA that emphasizes the importance of chiropractic as a first choice for back pain.

In addition to the spots listed above, production details are being finalized with professional soccer player Ethan Zohn, winner of the 12th season of Survivor, and Stephanie Rothstein, recognized marathon athlete. Another PSA being scheduled is with a collegiate Olympic gymnast and her chiropractor.

Fortune Magazine – Chiropractic Clinics an Attractive Benefit

In the February 2013 issue of Fortune magazine the article, "100 Best Companies to Work For" ranks companies based on employee preference and attractive benefits. Included on the list are Google and Microsoft, based on their wellness programs. Microsoft is specifically listed due to its chiropractic clinic.

It is understood that there is allot of competition among top employers in the U.S. to rank highly on these lists, in order to attract the best employees. The F4CP plans to tap into this competitive nature by initiating a relative outreach campaign. The F4CP will contact top employers and provide research confirming the value of on-site health clinics and, in particular, the value of including chiropractic care. The F4CP will work with Dr. Bill Updyke, D.C., leader, Physical and Complementary Medicine, LifeConnections Health Center, Cisco.

Chiropractic care is already included in at least eight major Silicon Valley companies and the list continues to grow. Read future e-newsletters to learn the progress of this new initiative.

Documentary on Chronic Pain to Air on PBS

A new documentary on chronic pain will soon air on PBS. The F4CP understands that the primary focus of the documentary will be on chiropractic care, and will feature interviews with many prominent individuals in the chiropractic community, such as educators, researchers and accomplished professionals. Additionally, comments by Kent Greenawalt, chairman, F4CP, and Dr. Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH, professor of medicine, Stanford University and co-author of an F4CP white paper, will be featured. Helping to facilitate several of the interviews included was Laura Carabello, principal, CPR Strategic Marketing Communications. Look to future e-newsletters for an air schedule in your area.

This is the second major documentary that has focused on chiropractic care to be released to the public within the last six months. There is no better time to be a part of the chiropractic community!

Dr. Carrick Awarded "Champion of the Year"

The F4CP is pleased to announce that Frederick R. Carrick, D.C., Ph.D., has been named the first recipient of its “Champion of the Year” award. The award, which acknowledges an individual for outstanding achievement in public relations and positive press for chiropractic, was presented to Dr. Carrick at the 50th Anniversary Gala of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), on March 7, 2013, at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C.

In 2012, Dr. Carrick's notable clinical outcomes resulted in an explosion of coverage by media, including: USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, Maclean's Magazine, Fox, CNN, ABC, CBC, NBC, PBS and the Discovery Channel.

Congratulations, Dr. Carrick!!

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New Tagline to be Used

The F4CP has debuted its new tagline: Chiropractic First, Medicine Second and Surgery Last. This tagline was coined in an effort to promote chiropractic care as the first choice in treatment before aggressive interventions. This new tagline will be promoted on relative materials in 2013. Please visit: www.F4CP.com to review new F4CP materials.

Membership Benefit of the Month

March Spotlight: Coverage Reports

DID YOU KNOW that the F4CP provides its supporters with constant coverage updates online? These reports list new media coverage of press releases and sometimes advertorials. To access the most recent coverage report, visit: Recent Media Coverage.

The 2012 F4CP PR Report, which contains all media coverage of 2012, can also be found online at: 2012 Media Report.

For inquiries, please contact Lauren Kennedy at: LKennedy@cpronline.com.

Achieving Social Media Success

Each month the F4CP presents a new social media tip that provides doctors with a way to build their brand on Facebook. This month, the F4CP would like to point out the impact of its champion ads online. On March 12th, the F4CP announced that its champion ads were featured in both USA Today (pg 7A) and The Wall Street Journal (pg D3). This post was viewed by over 3,500 people. Additionally, many viewers chose to share the news with their friends. The F4CP champion ads are a perfect way to inform your Facebook community of the benefits of chiropractic!

If you are not already a fan, please visit: F4CP Facebook Page to "like" our page. All F4CP fans will receive a FREE guidebook to help achieve personal social media success. Enjoy!



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