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Membership Benefit of the Month

July Spotlight: Press Releases

DID YOU KNOW as an F4CP contributor, you receive complimentary access and rights to use all F4CP press releases? The professionally produced releases highlight the many beneficial aspects of chiropractic care, such as cost savings, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Just in the past month, the press releases below have been distributed to thousands of news outlets nationwide.

  • Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Supports Recommendation of the Institute of Medicine for Increased Physical Activity in U.S. Schools
  • Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Articulates Value of Chiropractic Care in Accountable Care Organizations to Optimize Outcomes, Cost Savings and Patient Satisfaction

All press releases are ideal to distribute to local media and/or post on patient bulletin boards. To read all F4CP press releases, visit: http://www.f4cp.com/press-releases.php. To download and personalize the releases, create an account at: http://www.f4cp.com/sign_up.php.

NEW Contributor: Dee Cee® Laboratories, Inc.

Dee Cee® Laboratories, Inc., a national and multi-national dietary supplement company, has recently pledged a generous $100,000 in support of the F4CP campaign, to be fulfilled over the next five years. This donation will help to bridge the gap in public education about chiropractic care by supporting increased production of F4CP campaign material, including press releases, advertisements, print advertorials, public service announcements and sponsored research.

When asked what prompted the support of the F4CP, Harry Hester, D.C., president, Dee Cee®, shares, "We have been following the F4CP positive press campaign for several years, and are very impressed with its progress. We probably should have been supporting this effort a long time ago."

To read more about the new support of Dee Cee®, click here.

MORE Join in Support of F4CP

Performance Health: President and CEO, Marshall Dahneke, who also serves as an F4CP board member, contributed $25,000, bringing his company's cumulative contribution to an impressive $160,000.

ScripHessco: President, Earl DeCarli, who also serves as an F4CP board member, contributed $15,000, bringing his company's cumulative contribution to $50,000.

Southern California University of Health Sciences: An annual renewal check in the amount of $10,000 was contributed, bringing the institution's cumulative contribution to $50,400.

National Chiropractic Council: The malpractice company made an initial pledge in the amount of $6,000.

Vickie Palmer: Chairman of the Palmer Board of Trustees, Vickie Palmer made a personal donation in addition to the contribution of Palmer College of Chiropractic - which has been a continuous supporter of the F4CP with a cumulative contribution of $108,950.

New Book Delivers Donations

Dr. Bruce Bond, author of the marketing book entitled, "Practicing in Excellence," sponsored by Standard Process, has just announced that the F4CP will receive $15 for each book sold. Last week marked the promotions first week in action, and the F4CP received a check for $10,975. If you are interested in ordering a copy of the book, please contact the Standard Process office at: 800-558-8740.

Standard Process is one of the highest contributors to the F4CP. At last count, its cumulative contribution totaled over $767,264. The company's distributors (21) have also been impressive supporters, donating an additional total of $119,000.

Thank you, Dr. Bond and Standard Process!!

F4CP Communicates the Role of Chiropractic in Advanced Healthcare Models

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs) are quickly becoming the new way of healthcare delivery. Buried within the Obama healthcare legislation was the development of these models with the inclusion of financial incentives to encourage growth. Surveys indicate that within the next five years, the majority of healthcare will be delivered through these systems.

Unfortunately, the majority of the chiropractic profession is unaware of this fact. Fortunately, for the past three years, the F4CP has been aware and developed several resourceful items to educate the profession.

In 2011, the F4CP sponsored the production of a white paper entitled, "The Role of Chiropractic Care in the Patient-Centered Medical Home." Authored by a panel that included two administrators of medical homes and two chiropractic doctors, the report makes a strong case for the inclusion of chiropractic doctors within the medical home model. In an effort to further instruct chiropractic doctors in terms of PCMH inclusion, the F4CP produced a tool kit which details the general concept and provides steps on how to pursue an arrangement with an established medical home. Last year, the F4CP signed an agreement with URAC, a national accreditation organization, to conduct a pilot program with 20 chiropractic offices nationwide. A potential result of the program is URAC's adoption of a medical home certification program applicable to the chiropractic profession. The F4CP anticipates learning a final decision by URAC in late 2013.

Most recently, the F4CP released another report, entitled, "Accountable Care Organizations Optimize Outcomes, Cost Savings, and Patient Satisfaction with Chiropractic Care," which highlights the role of chiropractic doctors to generate better patient outcomes, improve patient satisfaction and lower costs for advanced models, such as ACOs and PCMHs. In an effort to promote the findings of the report, the F4CP shared the paper with nearly 100 leaders in healthcare at the NBCH National Health Leadership Council meeting last week in Ohio. The report was also announced in a press release distributed to media nationwide via Business Wire.

To learn more about the F4CP and available resources, visit: www.F4CP.com.

F4CP Launches ACO White Paper at Major Employer Event

In an effort to promote the new F4CP white paper, Laura Carabello, principal, CPR Communications, represented the F4CP at the NBCH National Health Leadership Council meeting in Ohio. The leadership group of the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH) represents some of the largest employer groups in the country, including Johnson & Johnson and Walgreens. Those in attendance received a copy of the new report, and several quickly provided positive remarks.

In addition to paper promotion, Laura Carabello hosted a dinner with representatives from the Mid-Atlantic Business Group on Health and the Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health. Conversations resulted in the development of new event opportunities for the F4CP and chiropractic profession. Please read future e-newsletters for updates.

Chiropractic University Partners with an ACO

Dr. John Scaringe, president of Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU), has informed the F4CP that his institution has signed a contract with Applecare, an ACO in Southern California. He will keep the F4CP apprised as the relationship progresses. SCU's experience will help to provide added guidance to doctors of chiropractic interested in working in an ACO environment.

Get Involved: The F4CP is in the process of developing a list of chiropractic organizations and/or individual doctors who have relations with either an ACO and/or PCMH. Please contact Lauren Kennedy at: lkennedy@cpronline.com if this pertains to you. Thanks for your support!

Attention All State Associations and Colleges

About four years ago, the F4CP enrolled in NBCH membership, at the recommendation of Laura Carabello, and to this day it has been one of the F4CP's best investments. Made up of over 500 major companies and healthcare groups, NBCH provides an opportunity for the F4CP to interact with the nations top healthcare individuals. Several of the individuals met at NBCH events have later contributed to F4CP white papers and presented on behalf of the F4CP at healthcare events.

The F4CP encourages state associations and colleges to consider joining local NBCH groups or exploring membership opportunities with similar groups. The most beneficial aspect of membership is the meetings – be sure to attend and mingle with the major employer groups in attendance. Please notify the F4CP if you join a local group, several materials documenting the value of chiropractic can be provided for use.

For your convenience, please Click Here to find a list of business groups to consider.

Foundation Friday at FCA National Convention & Expo.

Thanks to the partnership between the Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA) and the F4CP, doctors attending the 2013 FCA National Convention & Expo. will enjoy a sports-oriented clinical CE extravaganza on Friday, August 23, 2013. Presenting on behalf of the F4CP will be team chiropractors of several professional sports teams, including Drs. Spencer Baron (Miami Dolphins), Jay Greenstein (Washington Redskins Cheerleaders) and Alan Sokoloff (Baltimore Ravens). Each presenter will share his secrets of the game to win, clinically and professionally, as well as provide information about the new F4CP program, Athletic TIPS.

To view the current schedule, Click Here.

Athletic TIPS Roll Out

In the next few weeks, the F4CP will begin to roll out Athletic TIPS (Towards Injury Prevention in Sports) to the chiropractic profession. Designed to support amateur athletes, TIPS will provide educational materials on prevention, recognition and treatment of sports-related injuries to coaches, trainers, educators and parents. The program will be initially introduced to the chiropractic community, followed by the corporate community where there is great opportunity for sponsorship. Please find a list of events at which the program will be introduced below:

  • August 1-3 - Life West Homecoming (The Wave)
  • August 8-10 - Palmer Davenport Homecoming
  • August 22-24 - Florida Chiropractic Association
    National Convention & Expo.
F4CP Debuts New Series: "Wall of Fame"

In a recent issue of Chiropractic Economics, the new F4CP "Wall of Fame" insert series was featured. The series, which includes four inserts, is designed for doctors to frame in their office. Ideally, participating doctors will begin to establish a wall of fame for their patients. Please find all four inserts below. All other F4CP material can be found at: www.f4cp.com and used for this purpose. Enjoy!




Where to Find the F4CP

Each month, the F4CP attends several events in hopes of raising awareness and membership of the organization. Below provides a list of upcoming events:

  • July 18-20 -- Texas Chiropractic College Homecoming
  • August 1-3 -- Life West Chiropractic College (The Wave)
  • August 8-10 -- Palmer Davenport Homecoming
  • August 22-25 – Florida Chiropractic Association's
    National Convention & Expo.
  • October 4-5 -- Ohio Chiropractic Association
  • October 4-5 -- Virginia Chiropractic Association
  • October 3-5 -- Michigan Association of Chiropractors
  • October 5-6 -- Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
  • October 18-19 -- Nevada Chiropractic Association
  • November 7-10 -- COCSA
  • December 5-6 – IHC Forum West
NEW Sports Chiropractic Webinar

Are you interested in treating athletes and/or becoming the next team doctor for your local sport teams? The F4CP is excited announce its NEW three part series - hosted by Dr. Spencer Baron, team doctor, Miami Dolphins and Dr. Alan Sokoloff, team doctor, Baltimore Ravens - that will provide details related to role of chiropractic care in athletics. Below provides the details of each upcoming program. Register today.

Part I: Top FOUR Tips to Get Involved as a "Sports" DC
Date: August 6, 2013
Time: 1 PM ET

Register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6935512991233099008

  1. Credentials -- Are they necessary?
  2. Opportunities -- Where are the best ones?
  3. Opening the Doors -- What tools will help?
  4. Approach -- What are the best strategies and contacts at ALL levels of sport?

Part II: FOUR Habits of a Super Satisfied Sports DC
Date: October 1, 2013
Time: 1 PM ET
Register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/399982890383858944

  1. Payment -- How much should you charge an athlete?
  2. Time -- How much time is required per athlete?
  3. Treatment techniques and parameters -- What are the best?
  4. Communication and documentation -- What are the best forms for the athlete, trainer, coach and MD?

Part III: Game Day: Survive the Training Room And On The Field
Date: December 3, 2013
Time: 1 PM ET
Register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8375711595410520576

  1. Preparation -- What should you do before, during and after?
  2. Communication -- What are the essentials forms?
  3. Documentation Techniques -- What are the best methods?
  4. TEAMWORK -- What is its importance on the field?

At the close of each 45-minute program, attendees will be able to pose questions relative to sports chiropractic and personal experiences.

This program is free to F4CP contributors. Those who are not yet contributors will need to visit the F4CP pay pal account below and donate $20.00 for access.


After registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with details about joining the webinar.



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The continued growth of the F4CP is dependent upon more doctors getting involved. All of the monthly contributors can be found at the WEBSITE. Encourage your list of contacts to join you in support of the profession's successful positive press campaign. Forward this newsletter to them. This campaign is making a difference by informing patients everywhere about the benefits of chiropractic care!!