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Season's Greetings

The F4CP would like to wish you and your family a holiday season filled with good health, joy and memorable moments. We look forward to achieving more success in the New Year!

Athletic TIPS™ Expected to Achieve Great Levels of Success

As the year comes to a close, the F4CP has selected to focus on the development of its newest program, Athletic TIPS™. Over the past few months, there have been several signs that the new program will achieve an impressive level of success within the public, and create unique opportunities for the chiropractic profession to position itself as a leader in healthcare. To ensure subsequent success and positioning of Athletic TIPS™, it is essential that the F4CP devote sufficient resources during critical stages of development.

Contrary to widespread belief that Athletic TIPS™ will be very influential to opening doors to the importance of chiropractic care, F4CP leadership has received a few comments of concern that express the new program places too much emphasis on sports. The F4CP would like to share a response to, hopefully, put all concerns to rest.

The F4CP is and will always have one mission: positive press for the chiropractic profession. From toddlers in their first tumbling class to senior citizens whom are encouraged to move more, doctors of chiropractic have the expertise to care for and advise on proper, safe techniques to promote better health. Structure determines function and movement (functioning) in a sport and/or physical activity requires good structure. Chiropractic care is a fundamental component of enhancing overall performance, so let's tell society more about it. Through Athletic TIPS™, the F4CP is sharing this message and you should be proud to be part of it.

This month's newsletter highlights several exciting activities of Athletic TIPS™ that the F4CP has been largely involved in.

Sports Media Legend Joins Athletic TIPS™ Program

Does this headline look familiar? The December 1st issue of Dynamic Chiropractic published a cover story about the involvement of Ed Goren, former vice chairman of FOX Sports Media Group, in the development of Athletic TIPS™. Goren will specifically assist in facilitating introductions and building partnerships with professional sports organizations nationwide.

Throughout his career, Goren has established strong relationships with professional leagues, including the National Football League, National Hockey League and Major League Baseball. Furthermore, he has extensive experience in production and has worked with media companies, such as FOX and CBS.

The new partnership between Goren and Athletic TIPS™ represents great potential for the program to reach unprecedented levels of success. For more information, read the article in its entirety at: DYNAMIC CHIROPRACTIC.

NFL All-Star Michael Strahan Narrates Athletic TIPS™ Video

Thanks to Ed Goren, Michael Strahan volunteered to narrate the latest Athletic TIPS™ video. The video was produced following the recent 90-minute Athletic TIPS™ Community Workshop at Sun Life Stadium, to showcase the content delivered and audience reaction. The new video, which also features Miami Dolphin’s Mike Pouncey and John Jerry, will be delivered to potential sponsors and placed on the Athletic TIPS™ Website, set to launch January 2014.

To view the video, CLICK HERE.

Athletic TIPS™ Hosts Inaugural "Train the Trainer" Seminar (01.08.14)

Athletic TIPS™ will host its inaugural "Train the Trainer" seminar on January 8, 2014 in Las Vegas. The eight-hour program, scheduled 8AM-5PM, will be led by Drs. Spencer Baron, Jay Greenstein and Alan Sokoloff, all current team doctors for professional sports organizations and experienced lecturers on sports-related topics.

Attendees will learn the ins and outs of conducting an Athletic TIPS™ Community Workshop, which will include information about the four principal topics, as well as event coordination and outreach. Those who complete the seminar will be recognized as TIPS-certified and will receive an official Athletic TIPS Playbook™, which provides step-by-step instructions for proper conduction. Community Workshops are designed to attract parents, coaches, athletic trainers and educators whom support the safety of amateur athletes. As Athletic TIPS™ expands certified professionals can expect certain workshops to attract major sponsorship.

The seminar in Las Vegas is open only to select doctors affiliated with chiropractic organizations. Athletic TIPS™ will host up to 10 additional seminars throughout 2014 that will be open to all interested doctors. The only requirement is that doctors pay the $195 registration fee and agree to conduct four Community Workshops annually. To view the 2014 schedule, which has not yet been finalized, please visit www.TIPS4Sports.org in January.

Why Athletic TIPS™ Certification is Important

Doctors who receive Athletic TIPS™ certification will experience the following benefits:

  1. Access to the education and training material used by three prominent chiropractic doctors with ties to the National Football League and other sporting organizations -- benefit from their on-the-field experience in the recognition, management and prevention of sports-related injuries.
  2. Positioning as the market leader in sports injury recognition, management and prevention in your community. Take advantage of a turnkey program to connect with your community -- provide a valuable educational service to amateur athletes and their parents, coaches, educators and families -- all potential patients for your practice. Gain exposure to every sports network in your community -- from football and soccer to cross country and golf. Athletic TIPS™ provides all the workshop materials, plus the marketing support to ensure a "win" for you..your practice and profession.
  3. Access to public relations and web-based support of Athletic TIPS™, which will provide the marketing tools and assistance in coordinating workshops in your community and leveraging it with local media.
  4. Partnership with a national public relations campaign that increases public awareness of the role of chiropractic in recognizing, managing and preventing sports-related injuries -- particularly for youth athletes. Athletic TIPS™ brings the potential of having the endorsement and active sponsorships of major sporting organizations.

For more information about the Athletic TIPS™ certification, contact Lauren Kennedy at: lkennedy@cpronline.com.

Membership Benefit of the Month
December Spotlight: Athletic TIPS™ Certification Seminars

DID YOU KNOW as an F4CP contributor at $25/month, you are eligible to attend an Athletic TIPS™ "Train the Trainer" certification seminar? Furthermore, you receive the latest details about the program's success and are provided with opportunities to get involved on the ground level.

For more information about Athletic TIPS™ and its programs (seminars included), please contact Lauren Kennedy at: lkennedy@cpronline.com.

F4CP Activities at Parker Seminars 2014

Parker Seminars is just around the corner, January 9-11, 2014 at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, with three days of outstanding speakers and topics scheduled. Once again, the F4CP will play a prominent role at the event with sponsorship of a star-studded program on Thursday, January 9, 2014, between 2:30 and 4PM. The F4CP will captivate its audience with the theme: "The Catch!"

Opening the program will be Kent Greenawalt and F4CP spokesperson, General Becky Halstead (ret.), who recently released a new book, "24/7: The First Person You Must Lead is YOU," which mentions the value of chiropractic care. The official emcees - Dr. Matt Hubbard, president of the California Chiropractic Association and Dr. Fab Mancini. -- will follow the F4CP duo and quickly turn the program over to Drs. Spencer Baron, Jay Greenstein and Alan Sokoloff, who will lead the greatest catch in F4CP history: a one-hour TIPS Teaser (seminar). The teaser will provide an overview of Athletic TIPS™, discuss the opportunities available for doctors of chiropractic and provide information on how to present local workshops on concussion recognition and management. Attendees of the TIPS Teaser will receive a 15 percent savings on a future TIPS seminar, which launch in early 2014.

After the TIPS Teaser, attendees can expect to have a Super Bowl experience with Dwight Clark, the San Francisco 49er credited with one of the greatest catches in the NFL. Clark, now a sports broadcaster, has a unique place in football history - and is a chiropractic patient and advocates for the profession. Clark will share his personal chiropractic experience, as well as the reason he completely supports the profession and F4CP programs. Clark will participate in a photo opportunity with F4CP members in the Conga A/B room following the general program.

BONUS: All attendees of the general session will have several opportunities to win Dillard’s gift cards, which can be used at the on-site boutique, in stores nationwide and/or online.

Don't miss what is expected to be one of the greatest catches in chiropractic history. And, if you do, please visit the F4CP at booth # 444.

F4CP Partners with Dillard's

The F4CP is excited to announce its partnership with Dillard's, a major retail chain with nearly 300 stores nationwide, at Parker Seminars 2014. The two organizations are thrilled to provide the ultimate "VIP" experience to attendees with an on-site boutique that will offer an assortment of retail items for purchase, as well as professional styling and beauty consultations. Throughout the weekend, boutique visitors will have numerous opportunities to participate in promotional activities and win prizes, such as a shopping spree. The near-by Dillard's store at Fashion Show Mall will also contribute to the experience by hosting bonus in-store activities.

Similar to the first arrangement at Parker Seminar 2012, 10 percent of all proceeds collected throughout the weekend will be contributed to the F4CP in support of chiropractic. To check out featured styles, visit: www.dillards.com.

F4CP Sponsors County Official at Business Conference

An important initiative of the F4CP is communicating the value and role of chiropractic care in healthcare to the employer community. In late October, the F4CP sponsored two speakers at the annual event of the National Business Coalition on Health.

Dr. Alan Sokoloff, chiropractic consultant to Anne Arundel County, MD and team doctor for the Baltimore Ravens, was joined by Judy Zipp, assistant manager for safety and insurance for Anne Arundel County, to discuss the topic of chiropractic care and its ability to reduce workplace injuries. Among the audience were several employer group representatives, as well as a reporter from a national insurance magazine. At the close of the program, several attendees expressed the value of the program and the reporter requested an interview with Zipp. Once the article is published, the F4CP will share it online and in its newsletters.

In addition to the NBCH event, the F4CP sponsored William Meeker, D.C., MPH, president, Palmer College of Chiropractic-West Campus, as a speaker at the 2013 Institute for HealthCare Consumerism Forum West (IHC Forum West), December 5-6, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nev. On December 6, 2013, the F4CP supported the workshop, “Saving Employers Money – One Back Surgery at a Time,” which hosted a discussion around musculoskeletal conditions and how to optimize associated cost savings and patient outcomes. Those in attendance were very intrigued by the presentation and followed up with Dr. Meeker about attaining additional research and information about the integration of chiropractic care at on-site clinics and within benefit plans.

To learn more about the employer initiatives of the F4CP, visit: www.F4CP.com.

Experts Offer Practice Management Tips

As promised, the F4CP will regularly include a section that highlights practice management tips provided experts on the F4CP Board and within the chiropractic profession. The F4CP trusts these tips will be helpful for the development and improvement of practices. This month's tips are provided from F4CP board member, Dr. Mark Sanna, president of Breakthrough Coaching.

  1. Stop Talking and Listen
    Every one of your patients has a unique story that they would like to tell. Let your patients tell their story before you begin telling them what you want them to hear about chiropractic. Ask your patients about their interests and about what they've heard about chiropractic care. Then, stop talking and listen to what they have to say. Really listen. By listening to what your patients have to say, you will find out exactly what you can do to be sure that they receive the greatest benefits from your care.
  2. 2. Focus on Delivering the Services You Like to Provide
    A good portion of success rests on your practice team’s ability to stay positive and focused. In an attempt to stave off the stresses that can come from the day-to-day operation of a practice, many chiropractors jump from seminar to seminar and technique to technique, hoping to find the one that provides the big windfall. One of the world’s greatest speakers, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, would always remind his audience not to forget the acres of diamonds in their own back yard. You’ll find that you are best at doing what you enjoy the most. Select the services you offer in your practice based on the fact that they are effective and that you enjoy providing them. In this way you can confidently tell patients what they need and what you can do for them. Expecting acceptance and delivering care with compassion and joy has always been a recipe for success.


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Joe Doyle
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Garrett Cuneo
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The continued growth of the F4CP is dependent upon more doctors getting involved. All of the monthly contributors can be found at the WEBSITE. Encourage your list of contacts to join you in support of the profession's successful positive press campaign. Forward this newsletter to them. This campaign is making a difference by informing patients everywhere about the benefits of chiropractic care!!