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HawkGrips Supports Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ – October 3, 2017 -- The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP), a leading voice of the chiropractic profession, is pleased to announce that HawkGrips, manufacturer of products for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), has announced its initial pledge of $10,000 in support of the campaigns advancing public awareness of the value of chiropractic care. The financial donation will expand and enhance production of campaign components, including press releases, advertisements, public service announcements and advertorials.

"HawkGrips is proud to support the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress,” says Sean MacNeal, chief operating officer, HawkGrips. “This was an easy decision for us considering HawkGrips and the Foundation share many core values including supporting our military, as well as beating the opioid epidemic once and for all. It is also of absolute importance at HawkGrips that we support the chiropractic community as a group and take care of those who have been with us from the beginning. We look forward to working with the Foundation and the chiropractic industry for years to come." 

HawkGrips produces a high-quality line of surgical-grade, stainless-steel IASTM products utilized by chiropractors and other healthcare practitioners to treat a variety of soft tissue injuries and conditions. In addition, HawkGrips provides well-respected educational courses that enable individuals to increase their understanding of IASTM, practice instrument utilization, and earn continuing education credits.

Kent S. Greenawalt, chairman, F4CP, applauds the decision of HawkGrips to support the F4CP and its mission. He shares, “The F4CP relies on the commitment of its contributors -- such as HawkGrips -- to ensure campaign development. The stronger the campaign is, the more substantial its impact is on educating the public about chiropractic care.”

About Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and Foundation for Chiropractic Education

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