Dear Dr. Oz,

On behalf of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP), I want to congratulate you on your recent program bringing attention to the serious issue of cervical artery dissection and stroke.

The leadership of the F4CP was very pleased with the fair and balanced approach taken by you and your producers in developing the recent segments with the family of Katie May, as well as with Drs. Shoshany, Brockington and yourself.

But, as pleased as we were with the segment content, we were equally displeased with the alarming promotional “teaser” used for the segments “Breaking News: Can Your Chiropractor Kill You?”

The assumed premise of these headlines cast a shadow of fear in the public and tarnishes the actual and enviable safety record of chiropractic care. A similar statement could be asked of every health care provider—with far more evidence of concern in many other sectors.

With respect to chiropractic care and vertebral artery dissection, both the Cassidy study (2008) and the Kosloff study (2015) concluded that a vertebrobasilar stroke (VBA) is a very rare event in the population. Furthermore, no evidence of excess risk of VBA stroke was associated with chiropractic care compared to medical care. It was found that stroke associated with chiropractic and medical care was likely due to dissection in progress in the prodromal phase of patients presenting as headache and neck pain.

For future programs we hope you would explore further the safety and growing utilization of chiropractic care, whether it be chiropractic care in the Veterans Health Administration, with professional, college and high school sports or the care of cervical injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents. The option of patient-centered and evidence informed chiropractic care has proven effective in improving the lives of millions of patients for many common health maladies.

Since 2012 the managing director of sports medicine for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has been a chiropractor. For over 17 years, doctors of chiropractic have been employed at Walter Reed National Military Hospital and many others VA hospitals. The chiropractic focus on healthy living and the role of human structure and function was perhaps best envisioned by Thomas Edison - The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

We would be happy to facilitate doctors of chiropractic from many areas of expertise, including academia, research and clinical practice to join you and Dr. Shoshany.

The chiropractic profession has long respected your program Dr. Oz. You have pioneered new and expansive health care thinking in our country, and we are grateful for your efforts. 

Thank you,

Sherry McAllister, DC, M.S. (Ed)., CCSP
Executive Vice President