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Kent S. Greenawalt

Founded in November 2003 by Kent S. Greenawalt, CEO, Foot Levelers Inc., the not-for-profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) educates the public about chiropractic care through positive press.

The F4CP Executive Board is comprised of chiropractic leaders, stakeholders and others. CPR Communications, a full-service strategic marketing communications company specializing in healthcare, provides public relations support pro bono.



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2014 Public Relations Report

Annual Overview

Building on years of success, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) continued its growth – both in media exposure and support – in 2014.

As a result of this year's media campaigns, it is expected that billions of positive media impressions will be generated and tracked for the chiropractic profession. At this time, reports with impression totals are still being received for a number of campaign items. On average, reports take up to four months to be received. This figure was calculated using a reliable public relations formula and does not include the number of impressions generated by individual doctors who have utilized F4CP material locally.

In 2014, the F4CP greatly expanded its public relations activity, increasing the number of public service announcements on radio, television and print outlets nationwide. In total, the F4CP produced and distributed 10 new TV public service announcements, six new radio announcements, and over 10 new print advertorials and social syndications. Additionally, the F4CP increased its national advertising and the development and distribution of press releases that generate media coverage and establish credibility.

In 2014, several standout initiatives paved the way for success in chiropractic coverage.

Advertising: The F4CP transitioned its advertising campaign to one that is aggressive and encourages patients to seek chiropractic care. Late in 2014, the F4CP released over 30 new ads that were produced with the support of ChiroTouch, Dynamic Chiropractic (Modality Partners) and CPR Communications. The new ads were designed using feedback attained from several focus groups conducted nationwide.

D.C. Directory: To complement the new advertising approach, the F4CP launched a nationwide online D.C. directory that provides patients with a simple way to learn more about chiropractic and connect to local doctors of chiropractic. The directory lists F4CP contributors only and is promoted via national marketing material.

Recommend One: Introduced in August, Recommend One is a targeted, cooperative effort spanning chiropractic colleges, associations and vendors that encourages doctors of chiropractic to recommend a career in chiropractic to patients, family and friends. To ignite the campaign's activities, the F4CP offers supporting doctors marketing tools in areas, including advertising, public relations and social media.

Employer Outreach: In 2014, the F4CP attended several top national health care conferences in an effort to educate attendees about the role and value of chiropractic care. The F4CP communicated its message through sponsorship of presentations and exhibit space, and provided its white papers as handouts. Below is a list of F4CP white papers:

  1. MERCER: Do Chiropractic Physician Services for Treatment of Low Back and Neck Pain Improve the Value of Heath Benefit Plans?
  2. Outcomes-Based Contracting: The Value-Based Approach for Optimal Health with Chiropractic Services
  3. The Role of Chiropractic Care in the Patient-Centered Medical Home
  4. A Safer Approach to Long-term Relief from Back Pain: Understanding the role of chiropractic care as the first option in providing drug-free, non-invasive effective back pain management
  5. Accountable Care Organizations Optimize Outcomes, Cost Savings and Patient Satisfaction with Chiropractic Care

These papers have not only been effective in educating the employer and health care communities, but also for advancing the professional careers of F4CP members.

Sarah Potthoff, D.C., F4CP member, shares: "I want to thank the F4CP for publishing 'The Role of Chiropractic Care within the PCMH,' it was one of the documents I literally memorized before I interviewed and accepted a job at Casey Health Institute. One of my goals for next year is to have one of Casey Health Institute’s PCMH clinical measure be for Low Back Pain."

The employer outreach program has provided a unique opportunity for the F4CP to interact with influential leaders and generate great success in forms, including advantageous partnerships with regional and national organizations.

Athletic TIPS&8482;: Another sector that F4CP focused its efforts on was the progression of Athletic TIPS™, a not-for-profit that will drive awareness and education around the role of multi-disciplinary care in the recognition, management and prevention of sports-related injuries. In 2014, the following was achieved:

  • Published its Athletic TIPS Playbook™
  • Trained over 200 doctors of chiropractic to conduct educational community workshops
  • Conducted community workshops on sports-related concerns to nearly 1,000 coaches nationwide
  • Developed an interactive online platform capable of complex functionality
  • Partnered with the Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL), as well as several national and state chiropractic associations

As 2015 approaches, several great accomplishments are on the horizon:

  • Website completion, with the addition of hundreds of sports-related TIPS expected to be published in March.
  • Public launch, with a series of press releases, advertorials and advertisements scheduled for national distribution in Q2.
  • To accommodate the expected growth, Athletic TIPS™ plans to launch an online certification seminar, which will be promoted year-round, and limit its annual in-person seminars to four.

    The F4CP continues to actively pursue the endorsement of major sports organizations that would add credibility to this unprecedented initiative to position the chiropractic profession in the forefront of community education. Helping to support the program is 47-time Emmy Award winner Ed Goren, former president of Fox Sports Media Group. The connection with Goren has already resulted in countless meetings with national sports organizations and a relationship with former NFL player Michael Strahan.

    2015 Plans

    For the year ahead, the F4CP plans to continue to develop its initiatives and boost its successes, and bring countless opportunities to the chiropractic profession.

    In 2015, doctors can expect a surge of new membership benefits to be introduced, including a practicebuilding webinar series, accessibility to online TIPS seminars, and countless new marketing resources to support local promotions. Furthermore, the F4CP will expand and strengthen all initiatives complementing its campaign – including, Athletic TIPS™, Recommend One and the employer outreach program.

    The F4CP is pleased with the potential that the New Year brings for the chiropractic profession.

    Membership Goals

    In 2014, the F4CP introduced Group Membership, a unique offering to groups that meet a set financial requirement that allows the participating group to enroll its qualifying members into F4CP membership. Already, several groups have enrolled in Group Membership, including the Michigan Association of Chiropractors and Florida Chiropractic Association – making F4CP membership totals reach nearly 20,000.

    In 2015, it is expected that the number of groups enrolled will increase significantly. The F4CP has set a goal of reaching over 40,000 members at the close of next year.

    The future looks bright for the F4CP -- and the entire profession. And, as F4CP founder, Kent Greenawalt, often reminds the board, "we are just getting started!"