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Kent S. Greenawalt

Founded in November 2003 by Kent S. Greenawalt, CEO, Foot Levelers Inc., the not-for-profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) educates the public about chiropractic care through positive press.

The F4CP Executive Board is comprised of chiropractic leaders, stakeholders and others. CPR Communications, a full-service strategic marketing communications company specializing in healthcare, provides public relations support pro bono.



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2013 Public Relations Report

Annual Overview

Building on years of success, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) continued its growth – both in media exposure and support – throughout 2013.

As a result of this year's F4CP media campaigns, it is expected that almost 31 BILLION positive media impressions will be generated and tracked for the chiropractic profession. Reports with impression totals are stilling being received for 17 campaign items. On average, reports can take up to four months to be received. This figure does not include the estimated number of impressions generated by individual doctors who have utilized F4CP material in their community, and was calculated by using a reliable public relations formula that measures the effectiveness of a campaign.

In 2013, the F4CP greatly expanded its public relations plan, increasing the number of public service announcements on radio, television and print outlets nationwide. In total, the F4CP produced and distributed 10 new TV public service announcements, six new radio announcements, and 10 new print advertorials and social syndications. Additionally, the F4CP significantly boosted its national advertising and the development and distribution of news releases that generate coverage and establish credibility

In 2013, several standout initiatives paved the way for success in chiropractic coverage and better understanding of chiropractic nationwide.

The F4CP advertisement series "Champions of Chiropractic," which has grown to include over 30 ads featuring a variety of high-profile individuals, ran several times each month in publications, including The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. These ads proved to be quite successful in advancing recognition of chiropractic on a national level. In 2013, the F4CP also established a fresh champion series "Future Champions of Chiropractic," to help encourage enrollment at chiropractic institutions. This series, which also runs in prominent publications, features chiropractic students and mentors

The F4CP strengthened its relationships with corporations and leaders nationwide. On Feb. 16, 2013, select shoe vendors at 48 Dillard’s Department Stores participated in "Commit to Get Fit: Mind, Body and 'Sole,'" in which 10 percent of all proceeds made that day were donated to the F4CP. In 2014, the F4CP will host Dillard's at Parker Seminars, during which an on-site fashion boutique will be present.

In addition to the strong connection with the reputable retailer, the F4CP had great success in establishing relationships within the employer community. Throughout the year, the F4CP continued to attend several of the top healthcare conferences in an effort to educate prestigious attendees about the role and value of chiropractic care. The F4CP communicated its message through sponsorship of presentations and exhibit space, and provided its five white papers as handouts. Below is a list of F4CP white papers:

  1. MERCER: Do Chiropractic Physician Services for Treatment of Low Back and Neck Pain Improve the Value of Heath Benefit Plans?
  2. Outcomes-Based Contracting: The Value-Based Approach for Optimal Health with Chiropractic Services
  3. The Role of Chiropractic Care in the Patient-Centered Medical Home
  4. A Safer Approach to Long-term Relief from Back Pain: Understanding the role of chiropractic care as the first option in providing drug-free, non-invasive effective back pain management
  5. Accountable Care Organizations Optimize Outcomes, Cost Savings and Patient Satisfaction with Chiropractic Care

Keeping a strong presence at these events has allowed the F4CP to communicate positive chiropractic messages to healthcare and business leaders at every level – resulting in several speaking opportunities at meetings with regional and national organizations. The F4CP will continue to advance its employer outreach initiatives in the coming years, and will look to collaborate with other chiropractic organizations interested in the employer space.

As much as the F4CP spent a lot of its time strengthening existing relationships in 2013, it also devoted time to the development of a new program that will guarantee countless, new relationships with partners of prestige. Athletic TIPS (Toward Injury Prevention in Sports)™, is a not-for-profit that will drive awareness and education around the role of multi-disciplinary care in the recognition, management and prevention of sports-related injuries. Through online learning and grass-roots initiatives, such as community workshops, all individuals who support youth athletes will be knowledgeable in key areas of concern.

Athletic TIPS™ supports the chiropractic profession by providing opportunities to become TIPS-certified and capable to conduct community workshops nationwide on concussion management and other sports- related injuries, including avoiding dehydration, musculoskeletal conditioning and nutrition management.

The F4CP is actively pursuing the endorsement of major sports organizations that would add credibility to this unprecedented initiative to position the chiropractic profession in the forefront of community education. Recently joining in support of the new program is 47-time Emmy Award winner Ed Goren, former president of Fox Sports Media Group. The connection with Goren has already resulted in a relationship with former NFL player Michael Strahan, who narrated an Athletic TIPS™ video. In early 2014, the F4CP plans to have the Athletic TIPS™ website (www.TIPS4Sports.org) live, and host its first seminar to train doctors of chiropractic to conduct community workshops. In addition, the exploration of partnerships with high-profile corporations will continue.

As the F4CP continues to develop its initiatives and boost its successes, countless opportunities are being presented to the chiropractic profession. Moving forward, the F4CP expects exponential growth to be achieved in terms of awareness and appreciation of the chiropractic profession.

2014 Plans

Now that the F4CP has surpassed 10 years of ongoing success, it is confident that the bar will only continue to rise in the years ahead. As with each new year, the F4CP will increase the production and distribution of all campaign components with the goal of generating billions of media impressions.

In 2014, a more focused advertising campaign designed to motivate individuals to visit a doctor of chiropractic can be expected. These ads will begin running regularly in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today in early February. Although the new focus is different from the current champion series, the F4CP will not abandon the important campaign and will continue to expand its list of celebrity supporters for participation in other components of the campaign.

Relative to employer outreach, the F4CP will also take on a targeted approach to streamline its success. During 2014, the F4CP will focus communication on the value of chiropractic services within on-site health clinics. Having introduced this topic to employers previously, the F4CP hopes to build its credibility in this sector with the production of a white paper and partnerships with doctors of chiropractic presently employed at on-site clinics.

The developments associated with the new F4CP program, Athletic TIPS™, are also expected to grow significantly in 2014. The F4CP will directly benefit from sponsorships provided, but will operate the organization separately from the F4CP. Meaning, all contributions provided to the F4CP will continue to be used solely to fund public relations activities.

The F4CP is pleased with the potential the new year brings for the chiropractic profession, and expects to deliver countless new opportunities as the year takes shape

Membership Goals

In terms of membership, the F4CP reports a surge of nearly 2,000 new individual supporters in 2013. This brings the total number of supporters, not including colleges, associations and vendors, to nearly 5,000. The goals of the F4CP for 2014 are simple: surpass 10,000 members, increase vendor support and give individual chiropractors more traction. As the campaign continues to build momentum, an increasing number of doctors, associations, colleges and vendors will recognize the value of the F4CP mission. Supporting the F4CP translates into professional and personal success.

As the number of F4CP supporters grows, so will media campaigns. The future looks bright for the F4CP -- and the entire profession. As F4CP founder, Kent Greenawalt, often reminds the board, "we are just getting started!"